Liverpool Players Past And Present

A place where you can post comments about Liverpool players. Your favourites, your least favourites. Who have been great value, who have flopped. Let us know what you think.

Happy Birthday Digger

Happy Birthday Digger

It’s hard to imagine that one of your icons you so well remember watching when they were in their prime is now 57. I know 57 isn’t old but the point is, it doesn’t seem that long ago this legend was turning it on week after week. Yes, it’s John Barnes birthday today. And, yes, […]

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Welcome To Anfield Diogo-Image

Welcome To Anfield Diogo

Wow!!! It’s like waiting for a bus in a sense. You wait for ages for one signing to happen then all of a sudden two come at once. Hot on the heels of our “Welcome To Anfield Thiago” post we are now announcing “Welcome to Anfield Diogo.” Has any other Premier League club signed two […]

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Welcome To Anfield Thiago-Image

Welcome To Anfield Thiago

As the headline says, “Welcome to Anfield Thiago” – it’s great to see you here. It really is. The rumours have been rife for something like 3 months or so it seems. It wasn’t as much as a “will he, or won’t he” saga, more of a “will they, or won’t they” situation. ‘They’ of […]

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Danny Murphy And His Boot Lacing Opinions-Image

Danny Murphy And His Boot Lacing Opinions

Have you ever said something but then after saying it you have immediately regretted saying it? I’m sure many of you have. I wonder if Danny Murphy, ex-Liverpool midfielder, has had that thought in the last day or two? Maybe he hasn’t. If that is the case then fair enough. Football is all about opinions. […]

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Ray Kennedy-On This Day 27th April 1991

Ray Kennedy On This Day 27th April 1991

Ray Kennedy, was a very popular player for many Reds fans. He was indeed a quality signing from Arsenal. And what a masterstroke by Bob Paisley converting him from a striker to a midfielder. For those of us old enough, we will remember Kennedy as a big, bustling striker with Arsenal in the early 70’s. […]

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Gary Gillespie

Gary Gillespie On This Day 26th April 1986

Gary Gillespie, like so many Liverpool players at the time, took a while to get established at Anfield. When he first signed for the club his path to become a first team regular was blocked by Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson. No mean feat to get in ahead of those two. Gillespie was a quality […]

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Steve McManaman-Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Steve McManaman

Another on this day type post really. Today sees Steve McManaman celebrate his 48th birthday. Happy Birthday Steve McManaman. Born in Bootle on this day, 11th February in 1972, McManaman signed for Liverpool at the age of 14 and made his debut in 1990. Steve McManaman Steve McManaman (Macca) was an Everton supporter as a […]

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Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image

Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention

Over the years I think it’s fair to say that Jordan Henderson has divided opinion amongst the Liverpool fan base. To say the least. In fact if you listen to some of the ‘experts’ on the club’s website message board you’d think he couldn’t trap a bag of cement. I must admit I do laugh […]

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Liverpool Cult Heroes-Joey Jones

Joey Jones

Liverpool fans all over the world will have their own lists of Liverpool cult heroes. Some players will appear on all, if not most, lists. Some players may well be a big surprise to others. I think it’s fair to say whoever makes anyone’s list is honoured to be recognised in such high esteem. Let’s […]

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On This Day 10th August 1977 - Liverpool Sign Kenny Dalglish

On This Day 10th August 1977

Some of the posts on the theme of “On This Day” may have seemed quite tame to some. I think every Liverpool supporter will agree that this is not the case with regard to on this day 10th August 1977. I would be amazed if there are any Liverpool fans wondering what did happen on […]

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