25th May Rome And Istanbul Remembered

25th May Istanbul And Rome Remembered

Today is always a special day in any Liverpool fan’s diary. 25th May. What a special occasion on not just one, but two occasions. 25th May 1977 was the day of our very first European Cup Final win. A 3-1 victory against Borussia Monchengladbach saw us lift number one. Or, as it was in Rome, […]

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20th May 1989-FA Cup Final Win v Everton-Image

20th May 1989

Of course the year 1989 will be remembered for the Hillsborough tragedy above anything else. It is still something that is so vivid in the memory banks. For so many others as well. Football rightly took a back seat for a few weeks until such time the club and, more importantly, the families felt it […]

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On This Day 16th May 2001-UEFA Cup Final

16th May 2001

On this day 16th May 2001 was another one of those “it was great to be there moments.” This was the day we completed a unique cup treble when we beat Alaves in the final of the UEFA Cup. Having previously beaten Birmingham City and Arsenal in the two domestic cup finals, we went to […]

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13th May 2006-The Gerrard Final

13th May 2006

Happy memories of this particular date – 13th May 2006. Not only for the outcome but because it was one of those memorable “I was there” games. The 13th May 2006 became a very significant date as it marked a special performance by a special player. And, as a result, the game will always be […]

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On This Day 6th May-Michael Owen Historic Goal

On This Day 6th May

May, it’s that time of the year isn’t it. What is the name of that book again. “Here We Go Gathering Cups In May.” It’s a great book if you haven’t read it yet. A couple of significant events to give a mention to on this day 6th May. In chronological order.

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Alan Kennedy

Alan Kennedy

In the aftermath of Saturday’s disappointing result against Real Madrid, why don’t we indulge ourselves a bit. Another trip down Memory Lane to this day, 30th May, to the year 1984. Alan Kennedy, aka “Barney Rubble” scored the winning penalty as we lifted the European Cup for the fourth time. We defeated AS Roma in […]

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On This Day 25th May-Istanbul 2005

On This Day 25th May

Every Liverpool fan should know the significance of what happened on this day 25th May. I’m sure you don’t need reminding, but just in case you do. On this day 25th May represents two of our greatest days in our history. No doubt there will be many posts on this today. So, I thought I […]

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On This Day 24th May 2004

On This Day 24th May

We currently a variety of new songs doing the rounds. What with “Allez, Allez, Allez”, the various Mo Salah songs and the “We’ve been to Hoffenheim…..” etc…etc…. to go with all the others we have, we have a lot. As we did also in other periods of our history. For instance one of the most […]

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On This Day 23rd May 1973

On This Day 23rd May

On this day 23rd May we have mixed feelings regarding trophy success. First the successful news. On this day 23rd May 1973 we lost 2-0 against Borussia Monchengladbach in the second leg of the UEFA Cup Final. However, having won the first leg 3-0, we went on to collect the trophy. 

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On This Day 21st May

Just to show a bit of balance. The month of May has been quite a fruitful month for us in terms of “Here We Go Gathering Cups In May” generally. However on this day 21st May 1977 we weren’t so fortunate. In truth I remember it well. It was a horrible day. What happened on […]

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