Find out what happened to our illustrious club on these dates in October.

On This Day 12th October 1895

As this is the build up to what will no doubt be another epic encounter with arch rivals, Manchester United, we reflect on this day 12th October 1895. On this day, we met our soon-to-be bitter rivals for the first time. Although at the time they were known as Newton Heath. No videos I’m afraid […]

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On This Day 8th October 2015

On this day 8th October 2015, Liverpool announced the appointment of new manager, Jurgen Klopp, after the dismissal of Brendan Rodgers. It was so very apparent that Liverpool’s next manager after Rodgers needed to be a well established, top coach with a proven, successful background.

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On This Day 6th October 1991

Is it really that long ago!! I remember it so well. On this day 6th October 1991 saw Rob Jones make his debut for Liverpool. Just 48 hours after signing for the team he supported as a boy, Jones made his debut for the Reds. More like a baptism of fire really. The debut, as […]

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On This Day 4th October 2015

On this day 4th October 2015 was a very significant in our most recent history. After a hard fought 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park, Fenway Sports Group made the decision to sack manager, Brendan Rodgers. This decision came after a poor start for Liverpool in the 2015/16 season. The general consensus of opinion […]

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On This Day 3rd October 2010

Not sure where you all stand on the fans rumblings about current boss Jurgen Klopp. For me, I think it is nonsense to hear some fans want him out. Each to their own opinion though. The thing is, if you are one of the fans looking for Klopp’s tenure to end, may I just say […]

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