See what memorable events took place in the month of September.

On This Day – 18th September 1991

What happened on this day in earlier years? The 18th September 1991 saw Liverpool return to the European stage after their post Heysel ban. We all know what happened at the Heysel Stadium in 1985. A tragic disaster that saw English clubs banned from European competitions until the 1990/91 season for all clubs apart from […]

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On This Day-20th September 2006

Our “On This Day-20th September 2006” trip down Memory Lane is a corker. We have all seen spectacular goals at Anfield. Stevie G against Olympiakos in the successful 2004/05 campaign for instance. So many more of Gerrard’s to remember as well. How much time would you have relive the many belters from Luis Suarez? Robbie Fowler […]

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