Let's Do Our Bit-And Support The Lads

Let’s Do Our Bit

Help, Panic!! Panic!! Only 10 games to save our season!! We’re gonna bottle it!! No, that’s not me saying these things. No it is an insight to the cyber world’s, modern day Liverpool armchair fan. Welcome to the world of Liverpool FC Forums. How on earth some posters on these forums arrive at their findings and thought process is beyond me. Without any shadow of a doubt the players and the management and coaching staff will be doing their utmost to make Number 19. So why don’t we? We are so close so why the panic? In short, the players etc will be flat out in their efforts so let’s do our bit hey.

Let’s Do Our Bit

Let's Do Our Bit-And Get Behind The Team
Let’s Do Our Bit-And Get Behind The Team

In other words let’s do our bit by fully getting behind the team. Not only in the stadium but all those that prefer the Social Media platforms to display their love of our football club. Love? That’s if you can call it that. You wouldn’t think so looking at some of the posts on the forums. In particular, the club’s official website forum. And even more specifically, the match day thread. Some of the posters on there are absolutely bonkers.

I’m not going to name and shame them though. What’s the point. Anyway, I think a lot of them change their username when they are challenged about their negativity.

In a way it’s quite amusing to read some of the posts. Even more so if you read them after coming back from the match. I’ve always maintained that you see a different game to the match on the TV when you are actually at the match. If that makes sense. So, on occasions I will have a read of the forum posts after I’ve got back from the game.

Now considering the season we’ve had so far you would think everyone is happy. Ecstatic in fact. Not so for many (and I mean many) of the regular forum posters. You’d be forgiven if you felt you had gone onto the wrong forum by accident when you read some of the posts. Am I really on Liverpool’s website forum, or have I inadvertently visited Bury’s instead?

Let’s Do Our Bit-Starting This Saturday

Without a doubt there seems to be a totally different approach taken by the fans in the ground. Yes, you will get your moaners and groaners but mainly in certain, specific situations. You know the sort of thing. “Why didn’t you pass Mo?” type of thing. Where I sit in The Kop that is the extent of it really. There is no constant moaning and groaning and constant criticism by anyone in and around us. I can’t speak for the whole ground but by and large from my experience, supporters who go to the game do just that. They support the team.

Let’s put it another way. If any of the constant forum moaners happened to be sat by us they would get a right earful at the very least. And rightly so. Significantly some of the forum moaners are nowhere to be seen on the forum if we are winning or have won. No, not a peep then. It seems they only exist on there to moan. And to be clear, this even happens if we are winning the game by the way.

No doubt their view would be that they are entitled to an opinion and they can express it on the forum. Fair enough. I don’t have a problem with that. But having an opinion is only really respected if your opinion is unbiased, level headed and balanced. If an opinion is constantly one sided and all other alternative views are ignored and not even mentioned, then that poster needs to be ignored really. Or, their opinion taken with a pinch of salt.

Let’s Do Our Bit – Stay Positive And Say Positive Things

But as I say there are some posters who do not post anything at all if we have won or are playing well. These are the ones that should be called out.

So, forum posters, get behind the team. Starting this Saturday against Bournemouth. I’ll be at the game. So, I won’t be able to see the match day thread until I get back. If I have a look then and see the usual moaning and groaning it may be time to name and shame some of the posters and the kind of things they post. Or are they worth bothering with?

Fair do’s if we do have the biggest wobble of all time ever and not deliver Number 19 then there will be so many more fans having a go. And rightly so. But in the meantime, let’s do our bit and get behind the team. They will probably need us even more if they are feeling any pressure in any way. We pride ourselves on being the 12th man. It’s about time we all acted like we were. So, let’s do our bit as fans and help bring Number 19 home.

Rant over!!!

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