Liverpool Are Champions

Liverpool Are Champions

Liverpool Are Champions!!!! How good is it to write that. Very good. So, I’ll write it again. Liverpool Are Champions. And let’s not shy away from saying it, very worthy Champions. What this team has done over the last two seasons is nothing short of remarkable. One defeat in the league last season, 97 points, but still only finished second. A haul of 97 points in any other season would comfortably have seen us finish up as Champions.

Liverpool Are Champions

Liverpool Are Champions
Liverpool Are Champions

Chelsea’s 2-1 victory last night against Manchester City saw us win the league with 7 games to go as our 23 point lead is unassailable. How incredible is that. A 23 point lead. Winning the title with 7 games to go. That in itself is a record. No other team has clinched the title with as many as 7 games to go.

I watched so many programmes and YouTube videos after last night’s game where a variety of ex-Reds players paid their tributes. Some great players were interviewed. Including the King himself. Sir King Kenny Dalglish. So many others as well on a variety of stations and social media platforms. Ian Rush, Bruce Grobbelaar, Sami Hyypia, Luis Garcia, Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness, Phil Thompson, Steve McManaman to name a few. Some great players there don’t you think.

And yet, in time, the achievements of this current squad may well be looked on as the best squad ever. We will in time be mentioning the likes of these players in the same breath as Rush, Dalglish, Souness et al. If we’re not doing so already.

Liverpool Are Champions – Thanks Jurgen, Staff, Owners And Players

If I’ve left anyone out, I apologise. But where do we start and end the messages of thanks? Of course, the players, Jurgen Klopp and his backroom staff are in the forefront of any messages of appreciation. Thanks to these fantastic players and our wonderful, irrepressible and unique manager, Jurgen Klopp. And thanks to Jurgen’s coaching team, recruitment team, dieticians, physios, nutritionists and other support staff.

But very significantly let’s give a very, very special thanks as well to the owners, FSG. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were gripped in the nightmare clutches of Hicks and Gillett. Those memories are still so very vivid. At that stage, how far off did a Premier League title seem then? It’s fair to say there were thoughts at that time that another league title would not happen again in my lifetime.

Me and my friend were in the Kop when we last won the title back in 1990. At that time we never thought for one moment that we would have to wait for 30 years for our next triumph. But ten years ago, under Hicks and Gillett, the mood changed from not necessarily looking forward to our next title triumph, but more towards thinking how could we survive under this pair. Winning another title wasn’t even remotely included in any thought process.

So, while the players, Jurgen Klopp and backroom staff rightly get a whole load of praise heaped on them, let me go on record and say a huge, huge thank you to the owners, FSG. Without them last night wouldn’t have happened. Also, without them Jurgen Klopp wouldn’t now be our manager.

Liverpool Are Champions – Jurgen Klopp

We all know what a charismatic man Jurgen Klopp is. To say he wears his heart on his sleeve is a huge understatement. But watching his interviews last night took his stock up to an even higher level in my opinion. I didn’t think that was possible. His sheer joy, humility and emotion was so touching and so genuine. Here was a man talking about something and people he truly, truly loves with a passion.

We are so proud and privileged to have him as one of our own. The question of a statue for him at Anfield has long since moved from if to when. Now, the main questions are when and where? For me, it has to be at the Kop end. But that’s a decision for the owners to make in due course.

Liverpool Are Champions – The Unbearables

For so many years we have been taunted by rival fans at the start of a season who commented, “don’t tell me, this is going to be Liverpool’s year!!”

Not only that, we have been taunted by the ever increasing year count. It has now stopped at 30, so that taunt will now disappear.

Since 2014 rival fans have taunted Liverpool fans and Steven Gerrard in particular with the “Gerrard Slip” chant. Zzzzzzzzzz……Do some rival fans sing anything else? Actually, having said that, there are still some sets of fans that still sing, “Sign On, Sign On” to the tune of You’ll Never Walk Alone. Incredible a throwback song to the 80’s still seen as relevant by some fans. Again, Zzzzzzzzz……

And yet after all those years of taunts some of these same fans are now quite incredibly saying that we will be unbearable. In other words what they are saying is that we should allow them to taunt us incessantly but in no way should we look to respond if and when things change more to our favour.

As this well known phrase sums it up perfectly: “Saying ‘Liverpool fans will be unbearable if they win the league’ is like poking a tiger with a stick for 30 years, then being upset when it finally claws your fucking face off.

The old adage of “don’t give it if you can’t take it” springs to mind. So will Liverpool fans be unbearable? No doubt some will be. Should that be a surprise or unacceptable to rival fans? No, not at all if these same fans are reasonable, sensible, mature adults. Oh wait…….

Liverpool Are Champions – Time To Celebrate

Yes, Liverpool Are Champions. So, let’s shout it from the rooftops. The only downside has been that we, the fans, are not able to celebrate properly yet. As I touched on above, me and my friend were in the ground the last time we won it in 1990.

So, as this season developed and it looked increasingly possible that we could well win it this year we started to dream a little bit. Yes, it would have been great to see us win it from our position on The Kop. But, as we all know, this was not to be. A small price to pay because after all the biggest prize was actually winning it in the first place.

And finally, how significant was it that the game in which we clinched Number 19 was 96 minutes long. JFT96!!!

So, why not indulge yourselves and join in this short chant in celebration……

Enjoy the moment Reds fans everywhere and celebrate in a safe manner. Stay safe one and all.

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We Are Liverpool. Champions Of England

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