Liverpool World Champions 2019-Image

Liverpool World Champions 2019

Well, it’s not every day you get to say that is it. As we all know we’ve not had chance to say at all in the entirety of our illustrious 127 year history in fact. But thanks to this present squad and management we can now. So, let’s say it!! Liverpool World Champions. I must admit I got a tingle down my spine when I wrote “Liverpool World Champions“.

Liverpool World Champions

Liverpool World Champions 2019-Image
Liverpool World Champions 2019-Image

To many fans – and I include our fans in this – the tournament didn’t seem so important during the weeks building up to the event. But now we’ve won it what do we all think now?

To be honest it’s not only a case of now we’ve won it. Watching the games and how competitive they all were, it was evident that to the other clubs involved, this is a truly major competition. Flamenco for instance treat it as a massive tournament. Their fans still sing about beating us 3-0 in 1981. Imagine how long their songs would have been going on for if we had lost last night. Maybe as long as the really original (yawn….yawn) “Sign, Sign On” song that some rival fans (some that should be a bit more original you feel) think they are winding us up with.

Liverpool World Champions 2019 – Trophy Number 47

I think it’s fair to say that now we have won it, it is a fantastic feeling and a sense of a great achievement. Major trophy number 47 in the cabinet as well. Making us the most decorated club in England.

Also, to see how our players celebrated the win said it all as well really. It obviously meant something big to them. Not only that it would have been rather deflating if we had gone all that way and not win it. What effect would coming home empty handed have had?

But instead, on the flip side, what positive effect will winning it have? Apart from another trophy being added we have the possible impetus of another success being injected into the players, the club generally and, of course, we the fans.

No doubt the players, management and staff are already highly motivated to keep on adding to our trophy haul. But if this gives us an added edge, then absolutely brilliant. As will the signing of Takumi Minamino by the way.

A Great Experience For All Involved

No doubt the whole experience was a huge plus for the senior players and staff. But let’s not forget the impact it would have had on the young players who made the trip but didn’t feature. Seeing us win a major tournament and being part of the occasion and celebrations will hopefully make them just as hungry for success.

Not that it really matters that much as in years to come the record books will merely announce that we were crowned Liverpool World Champions 2019. It won’t necessarily say how we won it. On that note I’m really please that we won it with 3 great goals in the tournament. And not on a penalty shoot out.

Congratulations To One And All

Yes, a huge pat on the back and a massive message of “Congratulations” to all involved last night. Including, of course, all those fans who travelled all that way. And just before Christmas as well.

Let’s hope the impetus gained and the pleasure experienced will propel us on to even more success going forward. It wasn’t that long ago that Jurgen Klopp was being criticised as a bit of a “nearly man” (not by Liverpool fans I must add) for maybe not delivering as many trophies as his brand of football maybe should have. He was never a “nearly man” but now delivering three trophies in 6 months? Is this the start of him, and the club, being labelled “serial winners”. Let’s hope so.

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