Why It’s Time For Liverpool To Rethink FSG’s Transfer Policy

The passing of last Friday's transfer deadline was very depressing for Liverpool fans despite what John Henry says, or to be more precise, whatever spin Mr Henry's tries to convince the fans (and maybe himself). If the end of the transfer window heralded a successful window for Liverpool then I, along with many thousands of Liverpool fans, saw something very different to John Henry.

There is no disrespect intended towards the signings we did make, but the simple truth is we didn't sign enough players, and as everyone knows, that means strikers. If John Henry really thinks that the window was a success then I don't know of any other Liverpool fan who thinks that getting rid of Carroll, Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy and replacing them with one, 21-year old unproven striker a success. Our American owners have gone on record as saying that they want and expect top four finishes in the League. Everyone knows that we struggled to score goals last season and the lack of goals was a massive contributory factor to us finishing as low as eighth. So how can weakening the squad overall make us a better side exactly.

On the one hand John Henry distanced himself from the failure of us signing at least one good striker last Friday (we needed two) but then sent an open letter to the fans explaining the perceived "success" of the transfer window and the thinking behind the transfer policy, which suggests that he is very close to the day-to-day running of the club and that the decisions made, or rather the lack of them, are in accordance with his instructions.

Why be disappointed by not signing a striker last Friday anyway. Did we not have all summer to sign a striker – not just last Friday? From the outside it looks that a striker was never going to happen unless Andy Carroll left the club. John Henry said the latest transfer window was not for cost cutting. Oh really, what was it for then? Certainly not for strengthening the squad.

I'm not saying that signing Clint Dempsey would have been the be-all and end-all but not sanctioning his signing for £6m for the reason being that it was a big gamble to spend so much on a 29 year-old with very little or no sell on value, was an alarming message to send to the supporters. Contrast that with a certain other Premiership club not too far from here who didn't hesitate to invest £24m in another 29 year-old in the last year of his contract.

Of course only time will tell if John Henry's decision was a good one and our neighbours and rival's was wrong, but if ours was wrong then how much will the bigger cost actually turn out to be? With only having Luis Suarez and Fabio Borini as recognised strikers (and even then it could be argued that they are not out-and-out strikers) we have left ourselves so very exposed. Even if either of them suffer a loss of form (as Borini has already done) then they can't be rested or dropped. Heaven forbid if either, or both, get injured. Where's the back-up?

The ultimate cost may not only be a lack of European football, but may also lead to our best players looking to move on as a result of our owners transfer policy. If we are mid table in January, who would be surprised if Luis Suarez thought about moving on? Apart from that, what type of players could we attract if they know that the club has such an apparent, unambitious transfer policy?

John Henry praised the achievement of getting Suarez, Agger and Skrtel to sign contract extensions but did they sign in the knowledge that we had no intention of signing another striker or two unless we offloaded one (or four).

As already said, this transfer window overall has been a huge disappointment and a massive eye-opener for many Liverpool fans. As also mentioned, there is no disrespect intended towards any of the players we have signed but we needed ready-made, quality strikers as well as the potential of players like Samed Yesil, who by all accounts is going to be a star. But when?

Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say. We can only hope that we can stay as injury-free as we can between now and January and can only hope that we are not so adrift by then to prevent us from not only missing out on signing some top quality players, but also hope that we don't lose any more top players either.


Why It's Time For Liverpool To Rethink FSG's Transfer Policy

"Since Fenway Sports Group purchased Liverpool they have made it patently clear that they see the future of the football club in the hands of talented young players who, should they fail, can be sold on without losing too much of their initial value. In …Rant Sports"


As briefly mentioned above, it is expected that Samed Yesil will, in time become a star player for Liverpool. But it will take time. He did put in another star performance today for Germany U19's against England, scoring two and having one assist. He is certainly an unknown to me but let's hope that he will come into the side very soon and starts banging a few goals in. For those who haven't seen that much of Yesil, the short video below will give you an idea of his special talents.  


and his two goals for Germany U19's earlier today against England:

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