Craig Johnston Impressed With Brendan Rodgers

One of my favourite players, Craig “Skippy” Johnston has added his support to Brendan Rodgers and praised the work he has done in his first season in charge. For many the jury is still out on Brendan Rodgers, but there is a growing army of supporters.

The thing we must all realise is that managing Liverpool FC at any time must be one huge task. For a brand new manager that task is likely to be that much more difficult. The commodity of time is a much vaunted and sought after commodity. Some fans are not prepared to give time to a new manager but whether they like it or not, time must be given to a manager in order to assess their overall input and ability. Brendan Rodgers has improved the side, but for many fans success has to be instant.

Instant success is rarely achieved and in some cases where success has been almost instant, the incoming manager has been lucky in that he has inherited an already successful squad of players.

Take Arsene Wenger at Arsenal for example. The success Arsenal achieved in Wenger’s early days was very impressive but in recent years they haven’t won anything for several years. Wenger inherited a great side with that famous back four and quality goalkeeper in David Seaman. Brendan Rodgers hasn’t had that luxury so inevitably a rebuild is neccessary.

Pre-season will be critical for Rodgers and for Liverpool. He must sign real quality players otherwise the jury will return a vote of no confidence and then the vultures will start to circle. If the signings of Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho is anything to go by then the new summer signings will further improve Liverpool and hopefully the glory days will return to the Fields Of Anfield Road.

Liverpool FC great Craig Johnston praises manager Brendan Rodgers for … – Liverpool Echo

Bleacher ReportLiverpool FC great Craig Johnston praises manager Brendan Rodgers for …Liverpool EchoBRENDAN RODGERS deserves credit for extracting the best out of Liverpool FC’s “forgotten men” according to former Anfield favourite Craig Johnston. …

Talking of Craig Johnston, “Skippy” will always be one of my favourite players to grace the Fields Of Anfield Road. His all action style made him a crowd favourite and he certainly enjoyed his time at Liverpool as this short interview confirms… 

Craig Johnston relives his Liverpool days in talkSPORT magazine

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