Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish in line for Anfield return

The news may be quite recent but to many “King Kenny” should have been rewarded with the offer of a lifetime post at the “Fields Of Anfield Road” a long time ago. Despite his latest stint as manager being a bit hit and miss, Dalglish remains a club legend and will continue to be so for evermore. As the “Fields Of Anfield Road” song proclaims….

“All round the Fields Of Anfield Road, where once we watched the King Kenny play…and could he play”

The man has been immortalised in song and will forever be in the hearts of all Liverpool fans. Not only for his exceptional playing ability and his spells as club manager, but also for his unstinting charity work and the support he has given for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

We at “Fields Of Anfield Road” hope that FSG act soon and do the right thing and get King Kenny in post as soon as possible.

Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish in line for Anfield return

“Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish in line for Anfield return. by Richard Buxton. Published Thu 10 Jan 2013 00:00, Last updated: 2013-01-10. Liverpool are reportedly planning to bring former manager Kenny Dalglish back to the club. Eight months have …Click Liverpool”

Don’t get us wrong, the appointment of Kenny Dalglish in an ambassadorial role is not just an emotive appointment it makes such great sense. Apart from his legendary status around the “Fields Of Anfield Road“, Dalglish is so highly regarded throughout the world of football. The contacts he has built up over the years should not be wasted and confined to his memory banks. They should be utilised and put to the benefits of the club. What effect would such an appointment have on any potential new signings? Imagine a new star signing being greeted by the great man himself and being informed about the club’s status, history and prospects by the club’s greatest ever legend.

Come on FSG make the announcement soon. You know it makes sense.

For those that haven’t heard King Kenny being immortalised in “Fields Of Anfield Road“, watch the two short videos below. The first one is by the fans on The Kop, the second is the recorded version brought out by a variety of musicians and celebrities for the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster:

Read more about Kenny Dalglish by clicking this link and following him at Twitter – see here

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