Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers suffers bitter transfer deadline day …

To say the transfer deadline day was an anti-climax for Liverpool fans is a massive understatement. There aren't many Liverpool fans who thought that letting Andy Carroll go on loan would be a good idea, or even letting him go at all. It is staggering to think that we let him go on loan on Thursday after Brendan Rodgers himself said that he would have to be a nutcase to let him go on loan.

Are any Liverpool fans surprised that we failed so miserably again on transfer deadline day. When Carroll left on Thursday every Liverpool fan I spoke to thought that there was someone really exciting coming in, and coming in quickly after Carroll's departure. Surely, everyone thought, we've got someone lined up, otherwise why let Carroll go.

The longer the day went on it started to become clearer and clearer that it was going to be another disastrous transfer deadline day for Liverpool. How many transfer windows now have we been needing a proven goalscorer? By failing to secure Clint Dempsey's transfer after he publicly said he wanted to join us is an embarassment. He eventually signed for Spurs for £6m. We are crying out for a goalscorer. How can a £6m fee seem too steep of an investment to contemplate. We are down to two recognised strikers. Name any other club in the whole four divisions who only have two strikers.

Going forward we can all ignore the speculative rumours that will no doubt begin to circulate the closer we get to the January transfer window. In the last few days names like Llorente, Villa, Sturridge to name just three were bandied about. If we can't clinch the signing of Clint Dempsey we will never be in a position to attract any of the world's top strikers, like Falcao (who completely destroyed Chelsea last night), Hulk, Cavani, Higuain, Benzama etc.

Some fans are saying that we can now look forward to young Adam Morgan getting more of a run in the side. No pressure there then on a novice 18 year old. Best of luck to him but he should be seen as a number four striker at best, or even a fifth option, not first choice if ever Suarez or Borini get injured. Talking of Suarez, what sort of message does our inability to attract any sort of striker send to him.

Somebody mentioned Jordan Rhodes being a possibility last week but that idea was put to bed as we were, supposedly after a bigger, more established star. Credit to Blackburn though as they paid £8m for him. That's called investing in your squad. The American owners haven't exactly ploughed money into the squad have they. The wage bill over the last 18 months or so has been massively reduced and with all the incoming transfer fees on top of the wages savings should have enabled to invest in at least one decent striker, although in truth we needed two.

Haven't we also successfully negotiated quite a few, new sponsorship packages as well – Standard Chartered and Warrior to name just two. Add to that the huge merchandising income that a worldwide brand like Liverpool can generate makes the lack of a striker signing even more incredible. As someone suggested to me last night – FSG, Hicks and Gillette Mark II.

Breaking News: Only a rumour at the moment but it has been reported that Didier Drogba has been released by Shanghai Shenhua. Another striker for us not to go after if it's true. Anyone think he would be a good punt for a season (not that he would likely come to us though, but you never know).

Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers suffers bitter transfer deadline day …

"Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers. THERE was bitter disappointment for Liverpool FC boss Brendan Rodgers on transfer deadline day as he missed out on Clint Dempsey and failed to sign a replacement for Andy Carroll. It means Rodgers is left with a …"

We are so short of having a decent, out-and-out goalscorer. Oh for a younger, fitter Robbie Fowler to be back with us again and banging in the goals again. Robbie Fowler in his pomp was the ultimate goal machine – let's have a little trip down memory lane. 


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