Agger: This is the right way – Liverpool FC

No surprise that Daniel Agger likes the style of play because the style is so reliant on a player of his ability to bring the ball out of defence, to step up and join in with the build up play. At times, his stepping forward and his ability on the ball gives us an extra man in midfield, therefore releasing a midfielder to also step forward and support Luis Suarez a bit more closely.

Agger is so very classy and without doubt he is one of the best central defenders in Europe let alone the Premier League.

Agger: This is the right way – Liverpool FC

“Daniel Agger is confident that victories are on their way for Liverpool in the Barclays Premier League and has revealed his personal pleasure at the style of ……/agger-this-is-the-right-way”

Daniel Agger is such a cultured central defender who could quite easily play in midfield, such is his skill on the ball. His reading of the game as well is superb. It was such a relief that he avoided serious injury last week against Manchester United, because he is so vital to Liverpool and the style we now play in. If we are to see success again around “The Fields Of Anfield Road” it is important that we keep our best players and certainly Agger fits into that category.

Check out some of Agger’s best moments for Liverpool in this short video clip below.

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