Liverpool Cult Heroes-Joey Jones

Joey Jones

Liverpool fans all over the world will have their own lists of Liverpool cult heroes. Some players will appear on all, if not most, lists. Some players may well be a big surprise to others. I think it’s fair to say whoever makes anyone’s list is honoured to be recognised in such high esteem. Let’s take a look at my list and let’s start with Joey Jones.

Joey Jones

As I said, there are so many Liverpool cult heroes to choose from. In many cases players will be generational. This section will not only focus on players I have seen, but where I have seen them play a slightly different post will appear as some of what is written will be personal opinion.

I was lucky enough to see Joey Jones play for Liverpool on many occasions. There are so many cliches in football that are so easily tripped out. Quite often they are mentioned even when they are deserved or not. You know the sort of things.

Footballing Cliches

“He’d run through a brick wall”

“He bleeds Liverpool red”

“A player that always gives 110%”

And so on. I think it’s fair to say though, all of the above – and so much more – would apply to Joey Jones. We have had a lot of players over the years who have been labelled “the fan lucky enough to play for Liverpool”

A player that has progressed from standing on The Kop to actually playing for his heroes. Joey Jones comfortably fitted into that category.

I’m sure Joey himself would be the first to admit that he wasn’t necessarily slick. Or refined for that matter. Maybe not, but boy (or should that be boyo as Joey is Welsh), did he care about the club. Without a doubt he gave his all. And more besides.

Standing on The Kop it was one of the highlights of seeing the team come out before the start of the game to see Joey’s enthusiastic, clenched fist salute to The Kop. In a way it seemed to be a salute in celebration. Not only that it also seemed to be a salute of defiance. Or a statement to the fans saying, “I won’t let you down”

And he never did let the fans down.

Joey Jones Signed From Wrexham

Maybe a few eyebrows were raised in 1975 when Bob Paisley paid Wrexham £110,000 for Joey. However why would the fans be concerned. Very much like today in that if Jurgen Klopp thinks a player is good enough then that’s good enough for me. The same can be said about Bob Paisley’s choice in players. If “Sir” Bob though a player was good enough, then again, fine by me.

And so it proved. Joey Jones was a fantastic signing for Liverpool. I can’t speak for Joey but I wouldn’t mind hazarding a guess that one of the biggest, if not the biggest, highlights of his time at Liverpool was the European Cup Final in Rome in 1977. Our first of six.

As everyone knows, we won 3-1 with goals from Terry McDermott, Tommy Smith and Phil Neal. Undoubtedly, a great achievement by each one of them. They had their goals, but Joey also had something equally important to the fans. He had his own banner.

Joey Ate The Frogs Legs, Made The Swiss Roll And Now He’s Munching Gladbach

Liverpool Cult Heroes-Joey Jones
Liverpool Cult Heroes-Joey Jones-Photo Credit The Liverpool Echo

Over the years Liverpool fans have produced some incredible banners and flags. This one is up there with the best. If not the best. In a way the banner encapsulated the passion and the humour of the fans. Very much a true reflection of the player himself really.

The banner is legendary and is often affectionately referred to as the “Scouse Bayeux Tapestry” – what an incredible label.

Sadly the creators of the banner, Phil Downey and Jimmy Cummings are no longer with us. But haven’t they left an incredible legacy. Joey was given the banner and, not unsurprisingly, it was treasured. Probably as much as his European winners medal. But Joey, as always thinking about the club he loves, donated the banner to the club museum.

Joey Jones A Fan Who Became A Liverpool Cult Hero

There’s a song on my main website called “Heart As Big As Liverpool” – see the link HERE.

I think it’s fair to say that Joey Jones has a heart as big as Liverpool. Thanks for the memories Joey.

Fields Of Anfield Road

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