Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

Has he ever answered the question so many fans have asked over the years? The question is not which was his best Liverpool goal? Or, who was his most difficult opponent? Or, did it cross the line? (he has answered that question actually). No, nothing like that. The burning question is, “does he really drink sangria?” The song Liverpool fans heralded Luis Garcia with suggests that he not only came from Barca and that he was 5 foot 7, and that he was football heaven, but that he also drank sangria. And why not I say.

Anyway, why the Luis Garcia post?

Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia – On This Day, 3rd July, he leaves Liverpool for a return to Atletico Madrid

Well, on this day 3rd July 2007, fans favourite Luis Garcia left Liverpool to return to his native Spain. He rejoined former club Atletico Madrid. The skillful midfielder initially joined Liverpool for £6m from Barcelona in 2004. He was an important signing and a key signing for manager, fellow Spaniard, Rafa Benitez.

Very quickly Garcia became a firm favourite with Liverpool fans for his all action style and the important goals he scored. He was to be fair exhilarating and frustrating in equal measures at times. Plenty of flair and effervescence on the one hand. But quite often (too often at times) wasteful in possession. There is no doubting though, his finer points far outweighed any negative points.

“Ghost Goal”

Who will ever forget his “ghost goal” against Chelsea in the semi-final of the Champions League in 2005. The year of course we dramatically went on to win it in Istanbul. I say “ghost goal” because a certain Jose Mourinho still refers to it as that to this day. Mourinho was of course Chelsea manager at the time. In Mourinho’s eyes, the ball never crossed the line. Hence referring to it as a “ghost goal”

Quite how he managed to have a better view than the linesman who was level with the goal line is beyond anyone’s comprehension really. Mourinho has never really addressed the other relevant point of how they would have coped if the goal wasn’t awarded. Quite clearly, goalkeeper Petr Cech would have been sent off and Liverpool awarded a penalty if the goal wasn’t given. A penalty and down to 10 men after only 4 minutes!! Mourinho conveniently side steps this issue.

You can see the perfectly legitimate goal here below….

The following season Luis Garcia was on hand to haunt Chelsea again (get it….haunt!!) when he scored in the FA Cup semi final at Old Trafford. Another great goal from Luis. watch it again here….

And what about his famous song? You can hear it here in Basle before the Europa Cup Final against Seville.

In all Luis Garcia went on to make 121 appearances for Liverpool, scoring a total of 30 goals. Many of which were either crucial, or spectacular….or both. A player I very much enjoyed watching I must admit. Thanks for the memories Luis. And so many thanks for winding up Jose Mourinho so much!!


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