Midfielder admits: Ex-Red is ‘still in love with LFC’. Bring him back…?

In case you didn't know or guess already the ex-Reds midfielder is Xabi Alonso. Oh how we miss you Xabi. Without doubt one of the best players I have ever seen and one of the best and most influential midfielder ever to pull on a red shirt? Will we ever see him play for us again? Unfortunately it would be doubtful with our current owners transfer policy. Still we can dream can't we.

Midfielder admits: Ex-Red is 'still in love with LFC'. Bring him back…?

"I imagine he would be seeking a final paycheck in the MLS or China rather than come back to a rebuilding LFC if he were to leave Real; as much as I love him, he wouldn't really fit into our long term plans. Besides, if he wants to play for Spain in …"

Why don't we reminisce a bit and take a look at some of Xabi Alonso's best moments in a red shirt. Ah…..I remember them so well!! 


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