So Here's To You Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image

So Here’s To You Jordan Henderson

End of an era and all that. After 12 years of fantastic service, captain Jordan Henderson has moved onto pastures new. A bit of a shock move. Not only because of who it was, but also because of where he moved to. Like it or not, there is an ever increasing influential force now in the footballing world. And that new force is in Saudi Arabia. And this new footballing destination has attracted Jordan Henderson. But what a 12 years for Hendo. Many thanks for the memories and your efforts. Let’s begin with, so here’s to you Jordan Henderson, we wish you every success with your new club in Saudi Arabia.

So Here’s To You Jordan Henderson

So Here's To You Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image
So Here’s To You Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image

As one of the Hendo songs belted out from The Kop would go, “So here’s to you Jordan Henderson, Jurgen loves you more than you will know.” And fair do’s the fans loved you as well Hendo. Well, to be fair, most of them did. But some weren’t so in love. Each to their own and all that.

You may know that in the past I have been critical of the keyboard warriors in the club’s official forum. And this is where most of the Hendo critics reside. On the terraces though (or should I say, in the seats), the fans love him.

We won’t go and do a full Liverpool career bio of Hendo’s time here. There will be plenty of videos and articles covering that. As there will be plenty of articles looking to discuss the merits, or otherwise, of the kind of money he will be on in Saudi Arabia. Is it worth taking the trouble to get too involved with that. Footballers at the top level are paid an obscene amount as it is and have been for a long while now. But the Saudi money is off yet another scale. But that’s not what this article is about.

No, it is about so here’s to you Jordan Henderson. It is a brief, quick message as a way of saying thanks to our captain extraordinaire. And, as if by some twist of fate, Hendo’s new manager at his new club, Al-Ettifaq (try chanting that when you’re 1-0 down and you want to lend support with some vocal encouragement), is none other than another iconic ex-Liverpool captain.

As we all know, that is Steven Gerrard. Was it Stevie G who swung it for Hendo’s quite suprising departure? No doubt the wonga also helped but as already said, Hendo will not be alone in filling his boots.

Thanks For The Memories

No. let’s remember the great memories. Who can forget his famous shuffle when lifting a trophy. And the look of unbridled joy on his face. Who also can forget the touching embrace on the pitch with his father after we won Number 6. Indeed, there is plenty to remember Hendo by and thank him for.

So again, let’s say a big thanks and send Hendo off in style with a rousing chorus of, “So here’s to you Jordan Henderson, Jurgen loves you more than you will know.”

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