Groundhog Day Yet Again

We were only commenting on a Groundhog Day a few days ago after our 1-1 draw with Burnley. Would we learn from the mistakes from the Burnley game….the Sevilla game…..etc….etc? Well, we didn’t have long to find out the answer to that did we. You will know by now that the answer is, no we haven’t. Last night’s performance against Leicester in our 2-0 defeat was at times brilliant, at times shambolic. Sound familiar?

Leicester 2, Liverpool 0

Fans would not necessarily say this result was expected, but also they would most certainly say it wasn’t unexpected either. Liverpool yet again imploded at the first sign of threat to their goal after dominating for almost an hour. The first half in fact was so one-way traffic you couldn’t see how Leicester could survive the half. But, like so many before them, survive they did. And not only that, they prospered after after the break with their first meaningful spell of pressure. If you could call it that.

It has been said so many times on so many platforms, but let’s say it again here. We cannot defend!!! It is so easy for teams to score against us. Not only top drawer teams but also the so called lesser teams. No disrespect to Watford, Burnley and Leicester (not to mention a not as strong as previous seasons Sevilla), but 6 goals conceded against the “not so elite” points to one thing. We are not good enough.

Is it really worth singling out certain players for criticism? We don’t think so. Reading some of the forums last night was depressing reading. So many players were slaughtered on them. Last night we were collectively inept at the things we are notoriously bad at. Against Burnley we were collectively inept at what we are bad at. Against Watford we were collectively inept at what we are bad at. Follow the picture. The personnel change but the same problems keep surfacing. Why is that?

Slimani’s Belter

Of the two Leicester goals, the second was a belter that no keeper could save. But, how did Slimani manage to get away from 5 Liverpool defenders from an innocuous looking throw in on the halfway line? After enjoying 70% possession and amassing 21 shots you would normally expect to get something from the game, especially as an away side. But no, not this Liverpool. No matter where we play, at home or away, many of our opponents will play like the away side and let us have possession waiting for those few occasions when they can get at our fragile, unprotected back line.

We have the same opponents away again on Saturday but in a League encounter this time. What are the chances of another Groundhog Day? We certainly hope not but don’t hold your breath.

Here are the highlights from last night….if you can stomach it…..

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