Liverpool Still On Course For Top Four

Liverpool Are Still On Course For Top Four

Reading some of the blogs, forum, Tweets and Facebook Groups yesterday and today you wouldn’t think that Liverpool are still on course for top four finish. Yes, letting a two goal lead against relegation threatened West Brom was a disappointment. But come on guys, that’s all it was. A disappointment. Reading some of the posts and comments you would think we were in West Brom’s position. Even with that point, West Brom are all but relegated. So, if any set of fans should be moaning today, you would think it should be West Brom’s. From their point of view, four points from six against Liverpool and Manchester United suggests too little, too late. New manager impact and all that but West Brom’s fans must be asking “what if?” they appointed Darren Moore ahead of Alan Pardew. Or at least, appointed Moore sooner than they did.

Anyway, enough about West Brom. Our point yesterday moves us one more point ahead of Chelsea. So, all you moaners and haters out there, Liverpool are still on course for top four.

Liverpool Are Still On Course For Top Four

Liverpool Still On Course For Top Four
Liverpool Are Still On Course For Top Four

Certain players came in for a lot of stick yesterday on the various forums etc. In particular, Joe Gomez and Alberto Moreno. In a way their performances were not that far away from what might have been expected. Gomez has already demonstrated that he has mistakes in him. So, was yesterday’s performance that much of a surprise? Maybe not. It must be remembered, he is only 20 years of age and still learning. Will he continue to develop and be an important player for Liverpool over the years? I think so. So, give the lad a break. Would he have played if Nathaniel Clyne was fit? Maybe not. He is not to blame that a more seasoned player is out injured. Nor is it Clyne’s fault for that matter.

As for Alberto Moreno, we have seen that kind of performance from him again and again. There is no doubt he is a 100% trier but, as a left back, he simply isn’t good enough. A shame, but nevertheless a seemingly clear statement. Will he come good? After so many opportunities it is looking unlikely.

Is it fair to blame then Gomez and Moreno for yesterday’s late capitulation? Not that I am pointing the finger at him anyway, but should questions be asked about Jurgen Klopp’s team selection instead? Knowing Gomez was just coming back from injury and Moreno is, well, Moreno, should Klopp have played his strongest starting eleven. If he had, there would have been fans moaning about that as well.

Every Cloud

To repeat again, Liverpool are still on course for top four. Having already highlighted it is unfair to single out two players in particular, the negatives from yesterday could be seen as long term positives. Clearly with an eye on Tuesday night’s Champions League semi-final, Jurgen Klopp rested players. So, on the one hand he could be possibly be criticised for naming a weakened team. After all, we did also only take a point in the Merseyside derby when we also fielded a weakened team before the tie against Manchester City. Lessons learned and all that.

Looking at the bigger picture, I am sure Jurgen Klopp and his coaching staff are now more than well aware where the squad needs strengthening for next season. Not necessarily the best starting eleven, but the squad. Also, looking at the bigger picture, Klopp and his coaches will be managing the squad as best they can at this late stage of the season. So, if the best way to manage players with an eye on a Champions League semi final is to rest them, then who are we to argue? The management staff may well feel, fielding a so called weakened eleven will not prevent a top four finish.

After all, we are still third and to repeat, Liverpool are still on course for top four. We need four points from three games, with two of those games at home. And of course, we do still need to play our only challengers for a top four finish, Chelsea, in a couple of weeks time. So it is still very much in our own hands. Chelsea on the other hand have to win all their last four games and still hope we drop points elsewhere. So, ask yourselves this, would you rather be in our position, or Chelsea’s? I know what my answer to that is.

So Pleased For Danny Ings

Well Done Danny Ings
Well Done Danny Ings

If ever a player needed a bit of good fortune and success then that player is Danny Ings. The two knee injuries he suffered would have finished off so many players. If not physically, then maybe psychologically. But not Danny Ings. He has fought back with incredible dedication. And of course it speaks volumes that Jurgen Klopp has the confidence and the faith in Ings. Well done Danny Ings. Let’s hope the return to fitness and the confidence of a good performance and a well taken goal has managed to help you turn another corner.

If you haven’t yet seen Danny Ings’ goal from yesterday, you can see it here. Also note the celebrations from him, clearly showing how much it means to him

Match Thread On The Club’s Forum

I feel it is well worth mentioning the match thread on the club’s official website forum. There are some really good posters on there. But, there are others who are a complete joke. There is one in particular who posts under the username of “Can’t Defend”. He is unbelievable. So negative and unsupportive. If we win, not a peep from him. Having said that, while a game we ultimately win is still goalless, he is constantly chipping in with his constant moans. It seems no-one is ever any good. They need to be sold. And so on. If we go two or three goals ahead in a game – not a peep whatsoever. And when we win, there isn’t a cat in hell’s chance he will appear.

I read the forum after yesterday’s game and as we didn’t win, and not only that, as we threw away a two goal lead, he was absolutely in his element. I know football is all about opinions. But I always thought having opinions was to have a balanced view on things. Not this poster. Everything posted is negative. Are people like this really a supporter. The posts are so ridiculous most of the time it makes you wonder if he (or she) is on a wind up.

Anyway, stay away from the club’s forum on a match day. Unless of course you want a good laugh.

As I Was Saying

As I was saying, Liverpool are still on course for top four. Stoke City up next. They have a tough game today against Burnley away. Returning to Anfield next week of course will be Peter Crouch, Joe Allen and Charlie Adam. They will no doubt get a good reception. Let’s hope they don’t come back and haunt us.

Stay positive folks. Forget yesterday, there are some great days ahead of us. Enjoy the journey!!!

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