On This Day 30th April 1994-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk

On This Day 30th April

What an eventful date from our illustrious past. Here are a few events of significance from on this day 30th April. We will look at them in chronological order. We have experienced a real mixture of emotions actually on this day 30th April.

Let’s have a look at some of the key events……

On This Day 30th April 1977

The first one to note is a happy date to remember. On this day 30th April 1977, we all but clinched the First Division title. On the day we needed to beat third placed Ipswich. While we hoped that relegation threatened Derby County did us a favour by beating nearest rivals, Manchester City. Liverpool and Manchester City going for the title. Sound familiar?

Late goals from Ray Kennedy and Kevin Keegan saw us beat Bobby Robson’s talented side, 2-1. And to crown a great day Derby beat Manchester City 4-0.

The win was crucial as we failed to win any of our last four games. Eventually we went on to win the title by one point.

Any more title winning performances? Well actually……

On This Day 30th April 1986

Yes, actually to be accurate not quite. A 2-0 win away against Leicester at Filbert Street means that one more win will see us win the title. And with only one game left, away to Chelsea, we were firmly in the driving seat. Goals by Ian Rush and Ronnie Whelan at Leicester ensured we win our sixth successive game in the league.

A really good date so far in terms of title successes. And so it continued…….

On This Day 30th April 1988

A 1-1 draw away at Chelsea saw us build an unassailable lead at the top of the table. The draw clinched title number 17 as we built up a fifteen point lead ahead of second placed, Manchester United. There were still three games to play which meant the title was ours.

What else on this day 30th April? Any more title wins? Not for this next one…….

On This Day 30th April 1994

On This Day 30th April 1994-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk
On This Day 30th April 1994-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk

No title win, but what a significant day. And an emotional one. Today was the last standing day on The Kop. I remember it well. I have some non digital photos taken on the day from various positions on The Kop. The atmosphere was incredible and The Kop was awash with colour and noise. I remember it so vividly, even now.

It was The Kop’s Last Stand.

We did our bit, but unfortunately the team didn’t rise to the occasion. We weren’t a good side in that 1993/94 season. Our starting XI on that day obviously hadn’t read the script. A day to celebrate on the famous Kop.

A cracking volleyed goal by Jeremy Goss in the first half in The Kop end sealed the win for Norwich. As hard as we all tried in The Kop, the team didn’t respond. A disappointing 1-0 defeat to mark such a momentous day.

And finally, a bad event on this day 30th April…..

On This Day 30th April 2008

We were looking to appear in a third Champions League Final in five years but it wasn’t to be. Having drawn the first leg 1-1 against Chelsea at Anfield, we went to Stamford Bridge still confident. A 3-2 defeat on the night after extra-time put an end to our dreams.

Still, a very eventful date from our famed past, I’m sure you will agree.

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