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Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini-Image Credit-Getty Images

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini

Many of you will have heard this latest story about Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. In case you haven’t though, or would like to read it again, have a look at this article HERE. In short, the Dynamic Duo have been charged with fraud. To football fans everywhere, how incredible is that. Or maybe to […]

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Bad Day At The Office

Bad Day At The Office But No Need To Panic

Firstly, it has been so long since my last post. I won’t bore you with the details but there have been a fair few things going on that have prevented me posting. But anyway, let’s get back to some serious posting here on my Fields Of Anfield Road blog. As we all know we lost […]

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It All Starts Again-Liverpool v Arsenal-Image

It All Starts Again

Most seasons I say to my friend as we enter the Kop turnstiles for the first time in 3 months, “hasn’t pre-season gone quick.” Also, come May and the last game, it is often said, “hasn’t this season gone quick.” This pre-season as well as we all know has been different. You could say that […]

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On This Day 8th August 1992-Charity Shield-Liverpool v Leeds-Image

On This Day 8th August 1992

Do you know how certain footie questions stick in your mind? Not only for the ingenuity or complexity of the question. But also for the stupidity of the question. One such question reminds me of a particular game on this day 8th August 1992. First of all a bit of background to the question and […]

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Champions Of England-Liverpool FC

Champions Of England

Even though we already knew it some four weeks ago, last night was still so very special wasn’t it. Liverpool “The Champions Of England” was finally well and truly rubber stamped last night. Rubber stamped with the presentation of the trophy we have craved so much. After already clinching the title so long ago, some […]

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Are We Ready For The Big Night-An Empty Ground But We Can Enjoy At Home

Are We Ready For The Big Night?

Are we ready for the big night? Who said, what big night? Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you will know exactly what the occasion is tonight. And, it is always with pleasure to mention again the reason for tonight’s ‘big night’ event.

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Since Football Returned-No View From The Kop

Since Football Returned A Few Weeks Ago

Maybe time for a quick visit to see what’s been happening since football returned a few weeks ago. The first thing of course, from Liverpool’s point of view, is to mention…..again, that we clinched the title. See my post from a few weeks ago – HERE. Oh, and of course, nothing to be heard from […]

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Manchester City CAS Verdict-CAS In Lausanne-Image

Manchester City CAS Verdict

It seems that all sports pages and football forums are discussing the Manchester City CAS verdict. I must admit I haven’t read that many of those that have merely offered an opinion. You’ve all probably seen the messages of things like “RIP FFP” and such like. Will it be the end of FFP? I don’t […]

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On This Day 1st July 1983-Bob Paisley Retires-Image

On This Day 1st July

Still celebrating everyone? Will we ever get tired of reading “Liverpool FC – Premier League Champions.” Probably not. Anyway, back on planet earth, let’s have a look at a couple of events from our illustrious past. On this day 1st July sees another couple of significant managerial events to look back on. To say there […]

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Danny Murphy And His Boot Lacing Opinions-Image

Danny Murphy And His Boot Lacing Opinions

Have you ever said something but then after saying it you have immediately regretted saying it? I’m sure many of you have. I wonder if Danny Murphy, ex-Liverpool midfielder, has had that thought in the last day or two? Maybe he hasn’t. If that is the case then fair enough. Football is all about opinions. […]

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