Around The Fields Of Anfield Road

So Here's To You Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image

So Here’s To You Jordan Henderson

End of an era and all that. After 12 years of fantastic service, captain Jordan Henderson has moved onto pastures new. A bit of a shock move. Not only because of who it was, but also because of where he moved to. Like it or not, there is an ever increasing influential force now in […]

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Ben Doak First Liverpool Professional Contract-Image

Ben Doak Signs First Liverpool Professional Contract

How good must that feel hey. At the tender age of 17 and you’re signing your very first Liverpool FC professional contract. What were you all doing on your 17th birthday? Congratulations to Ben Doak on signing his very first Liverpool professional contract. And a belated Happy Birthday greeting as well. Hope you had a […]

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Times Are Changing - View From The Kop

Times Are Changing

Indeed it looks like times are changing at Anfield in the not so distant future. And in a big way. Our owners, Fenway Sports Group, are either looking to sell off part of the club, or sell it all lock, stock and barrel. Whichever route they go down, either way, certainly times are changing. And […]

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New Season Upon Us

New Season Upon Us

Well here we go, a new season upon us. After a summer of transfer speculation with a series of “will he, won’t he” or “will they, won’t they” we start the new season upon us a squad that has seen quite some changes from last season. Mainly from the outgoings point of view. Quite a […]

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European Royalty Final

So there we have it then. A final that some would call a European Royalty Final. Two of the most decorated clubs in European football. A truly fascinating prospect as on 28th May we will see Liverpool take on the might of 13 time European champions, Real Madrid. As we ourselves are 6 time European […]

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Whatever Happens This Season-View From The Kop

Whatever Happens This Season

Whatever happens this season we should all take a moment to thank Jurgen, his staff, the owners and his incredible players for what the excitement they have given us and for the efforts they have put in. Week after week it seems we confound the fans, pundits and critics. The word relentless springs to mind. […]

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This Doesn't Make Sense

This Doesn’t Make Sense

As we all now know we have drawn Manchester City in the FA Cup Semi Final. So good, so far. A trip to Wembley and all that. Even though most, if not all, fans do not agree that semi-finals should be played at Wembley. In fact, there are some that argue that Wembley is not […]

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Carabao Cup Winners-2022-Image

Carabao Cup Winners

Congratulations to Liverpool. Carabao Cup Winners 2022. And the first cup knockout domestic trophy win for Jurgen Klopp. Another nice addition to his CV. And what an impressive CV it is anyway. I’m sure though that the Carabao Cup wasn’t top of the trophy target list at the start of the season. That’s not to […]

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Still It Continues

Having watched the Everton v Manchester City game yesterday it is so very unfortunate, but no big surprise, to write “still it continues.” What still continues? Anyone who reads any of my blog posts will know that I have been banging on about making referees accountable for a long time. Way before the introduction of […]

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Everything Still To Play For-View From The Kop

Everything Still To Play For

Well here we are, nearly at the end of February and we still have everything to play for. That hasn’t happened for a while has it. Of course, that might all change as early as next Sunday when we play Chelsea in the League Cup Final, but at least we can still say now that […]

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