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Liverpool Fans Are Getting Restless

Yesterday’s emphatic scoreline of Tottenham 4, Liverpool 1 does not really fully reflect how the game went. Yes, Tottenham were clinical, yes Tottenham were good, but were they 4-1 that good? Tottenham fans will probably say that they were. But as ever with Liverpool, a scoreline does not necessarily paint the complete picture. Is it […]

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Liverpool Write A Piece Of History

Well, it finally happened didn’t it. We’ve been saying for a few weeks that someday, someone will get a good pasting from us. Sadly for Maribor it was them. Everything seemed to click as Liverpool write a piece of history. Already holding the Champions League record for their 8-0 home win against Besiktas in 2007, […]

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Liverpool Again Dominate But Fail To Win

Well what can we say. Do we post details of the match against Newcastle at St James Park? Or do we copy and paste the details from the Spartak game, the Burnley game, Leicester game etc. If you didn’t know already, yesterday we saw Liverpool again dominate but fail to win. Sounds so familiar doesn’t […]

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