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Story So Far-Sadly Not Exactly A View From The Kop Though

Story So Far Halfway Through The Season

Here we are folks, the halfway stage of this very strange season. And the story so far is a story of ups and downs. As the old saying goes, you’re only as good as your last game. So, in that respect, we’ve not only been good. We’ve been excellent. Two very impressive away wins in […]

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Is It Time Officials Were Accountable-Image

Is It Time Officials Were Accountable?

Is it time officials were accountable? The simple answer to that from so many fans throughout the country is a resounding “Yes.” And they should have been a long, long time ago. The changes in the game have moved at such a pace over the last 20 plus years that everyone seems to be rapidly […]

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On This Day 8th August 1992-Charity Shield-Liverpool v Leeds-Image

On This Day 8th August 1992

Do you know how certain footie questions stick in your mind? Not only for the ingenuity or complexity of the question. But also for the stupidity of the question. One such question reminds me of a particular game on this day 8th August 1992. First of all a bit of background to the question and […]

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On This Day 28th April-Title Number 18 Was Clinched

On This Day 28th April

On this day 28th April is quite a significant day from days gone by. We have two titles win and a stirring comeback. We good at those aren’t we. And we like them both as well, hey. Going in date order, let’s have a look at the significant dates on this day 28th April.

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Liverpool Team From Different Countries

Liverpool Team From Different Countries

Now we all seem to have a lot of time on our hands a pal of mine messaged me this poser. Pick a Liverpool team from different countries. Go on try it…

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It Wasn't To Be-We Go Out Against Atletico Madrid

It Wasn’t To Be

It wasn’t to be last night as we went out of the Champions League against Atletico Madrid. A tale of two keepers perhaps?

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Let's Do Our Bit-And Support The Lads

Let’s Do Our Bit

We’re getting ever so close to Number 19. The players will be giving their all so what about us fans. Let’s do our bit and get behind the boys even more than before.

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We're Getting Very Close-League Table-270220

We’re Getting Very Close Now

Take a look at the league table below. It doesn’t need me to remind you that we’re getting very close now. But take a look at the table anyway. How impressive is that. A good friend of mine, who happens to be a Sunderland fan, suggested I take an image of the league table while […]

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The Kids Are Alright-Image

The Kids Are Alright

So much was said in the build up to the FA Cup replay against Shrewsbury about Liverpool playing a weakened side. The words ‘disrespect’ and ‘contempt’ were bandied about in some quarters. Yes we did field a team devoid of first team regulars as Jurgen Klopp promised. And, as it happens, the team selected was […]

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Men Against Boys-Great Win By The Boys-Image

Men Against Boys

Men Against Boys – Well Done The Boys It was supposed to be Everton’s best chance to win at Anfield for 20 years. Quoting one of the well known cliche’s it was in fact billed as men against boys. You probably know what that means but in case you don’t, it was supposed to be […]

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