Liverpool Fc Remaining Fixtures

Don't Stop Believing-Still Plenty To Play For

Don’t Stop Believing

In the words of the brilliant lead singer of American band, Journey, Steve Perry – don’t stop believing!!! Well, to be precise, he’s now the ex-lead singer. But you know what I mean. Don’t Stop Believing I know many Liverpool fans hoped for bigger and better things from Manchester City’s last two opponents, Tottenham and […]

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We Are Entering The Final Lap-Get Behind The Lads

We Are Entering The Final Lap

Things are most definitely hotting up now. There is no doubt we are entering the final lap. Both in terms of the League and the European Cup. Who would have thought last August that we would have been within touching distance of the top of the table with only 6 games to go. I know, […]

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The Race For Top Four-Mo Salah v Chelsea

The Race For Top Four

With Manchester United and Chelsea winning their games in hand over the last couple of nights, the race for top four is becoming clearer and clearer. I think we all expected those two to win their games in hand. So, there have been no surprises and we know exactly what we need to do. Having […]

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