Over The Fields Of Anfield Road

Is It Time Officials Were Accountable-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk

Is It Time Officials Were Accountable?

Is it time officials were accountable? The simple answer to that from so many fans throughout the country is a resounding “Yes.” And they should have been a long, long time ago. The changes in the game have moved at such a pace over the last 20 plus years that everyone seems to be rapidly […]

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Jurgen Klopp And Five Years Of Fun-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk

Jurgen Klopp And Five Years Of Fun

Today, 9th October, sees the 5th anniversary of Jurgen Klopp’s very first full day as Liverpool manager. Yes, he was appointed on the 8th October 2015, but the 9th was when he really got under way. And didn’t he get under way. To say the last 5 years has been a bit of a rollercoaster […]

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Welcome To Anfield Diogo-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk

Welcome To Anfield Diogo

Wow!!! It’s like waiting for a bus in a sense. You wait for ages for one signing to happen then all of a sudden two come at once. Hot on the heels of our “Welcome To Anfield Thiago” post we are now announcing “Welcome to Anfield Diogo.” Has any other Premier League club signed two […]

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Welcome To Anfield Thiago-Image Credit-LiverpoolEcho.co.uk

Welcome To Anfield Thiago

As the headline says, “Welcome to Anfield Thiago” – it’s great to see you here. It really is. The rumours have been rife for something like 3 months or so it seems. It wasn’t as much as a “will he, or won’t he” saga, more of a “will they, or won’t they” situation. ‘They’ of […]

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Risky Transfer Strategy Or Not-In Jurgen We Trust-Image Credit-GettyImages

Risky Transfer Strategy Or Not?

Another new season beckons. And isn’t it great to go into it as current Premier League Champions. Our opening fixture behind closed doors is against newly promoted Leeds United. Welcome back to the Premier League to Leeds. They are a proper Premier League outfit and, in a way, it has been a bit of a […]

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Champions Of England-Liverpool FC

Champions Of England

Even though we already knew it some four weeks ago, last night was still so very special wasn’t it. Liverpool “The Champions Of England” was finally well and truly rubber stamped last night. Rubber stamped with the presentation of the trophy we have craved so much. After already clinching the title so long ago, some […]

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Since Football Returned-No View From The Kop

Since Football Returned A Few Weeks Ago

Maybe time for a quick visit to see what’s been happening since football returned a few weeks ago. The first thing of course, from Liverpool’s point of view, is to mention…..again, that we clinched the title. See my post from a few weeks ago – HERE. Oh, and of course, nothing to be heard from […]

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13th May 2006-The Gerrard Final

13th May 2006

Happy memories of this particular date – 13th May 2006. Not only for the outcome but because it was one of those memorable “I was there” games. The 13th May 2006 became a very significant date as it marked a special performance by a special player. And, as a result, the game will always be […]

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Gary Gillespie

Gary Gillespie On This Day 26th April 1986

Gary Gillespie, like so many Liverpool players at the time, took a while to get established at Anfield. When he first signed for the club his path to become a first team regular was blocked by Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson. No mean feat to get in ahead of those two. Gillespie was a quality […]

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Remembering Hillsborough-15th April 2020-Image Credit-Liverpoolfc.com

Remembering Hillsborough

There’s a lot going on at the moment as we all know. So much devastation and grief throughout the world. Let’s hope we are in a position to return to some sort of normality seen enough. Stay safe. Amidst all the chaos and devastation however, all Liverpool fans will be well aware what today is. […]

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