Title Run In

All To Play For-These Fans Think So

All To Play For

Having already entered into that crucial stage of the season that we would call a title run-in a few weeks, we are now that bit further down the line. Since confirming our place in the title run-in, how have we coped? We are now so close to the finish line and it’s fair to say, […]

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We Go Again - Let's Get Behind The Team Today

We Go Again

A well used cliche phrase maybe but yes we go again. After the last two results (and performances), the phrase “we go again” takes on an even more important significance. Two disappointing results in the last two games a against Leicester City and West Ham without a doubt. However not only disappointing results, but very […]

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Title Run In Has Commenced-Let's Do Our Bit

Title Run In Begins

Long time no post. It has been a while since my last post but there have been valid reasons for the delay. Anyway, moving on. What’s happening to the mighty Reds at the moment is probably about to get so very exciting. I am, of course, talking about the chase for the league title. In […]

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