As Brucie Used To Say-Points Make.....??

As Brucie Used To Say

Just to clarify from the outset, this article is not referring to our flamboyant goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar by the way. I am talking about the late, legendary entertainer Bruce Forsyth. And what was it that Brucie used to say? Fans of his will have guessed it straight away. Yes, you got it:

“What do you points make? Prizes!!!”

As Brucie Used To Say

As Brucie Used To Say-Points Make.....??
As Brucie Used To Say-Points Make…..?? Picture courtesy Of the Liverpool Echo.

Indeed, points make prizes. In a sporting sense, points are a fundamental requirement and target for all sporting teams to aspire to. In our situation, 9 points out of 9 is the best you can ask for. Has it won us a prize yet? No, of course it hasn’t. So far. But stating the obvious, getting to the Holy Grail of attaining enough points to claim a league title, you need as many points as possible. So, the sooner and the quicker you get on the trail of those hard earned points the better.

Why state the obvious you may ask? Well, since our hard earned 3 points against Brighton on Saturday, in some quarters you would think we had lost and we were struggling in the bottom 3. Here’s a for instance.

Can’t Defend

After the game on Saturday I had a quick look at the forum on the club’s official website. In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s the link – LFC Forum. Go ahead, take a look. In particular, have a look at some of the posts by an individual with the user name of “Can’t Defend”. Talk about negative!!! Prisoners on Death Row are more optimistic than him (or her?).

So what was “Can’t Defend’s” take on our 3 points after the final whistle blew on Saturday? Happy that we were top? Glad that even though Mo wasn’t firing on all cylinders he still managed to notch the winner? Impressed by our new found solidity at the back? Finally having (so far, so good) a keeper worthy of the title of being a Number 1? Happy with the emergence of Joe Gomez as a classy looking centre-back?

You would think he (or her?) would have been waxing lyrical about any of those points or something else positive. Not so. Can’t Defend’s match summary was a very cheery – by his (or her?) standards – “Play like that against Leicester and we will get beat”

WTF!!! Oh, will we? Leicester is normally a difficult place to go to. But, having said that, our record there isn’t that bad. So, is the doom and gloom prediction a worthy summary? Of course not.

Seriously, if you do get chance, read some of his (hers?) posts. They are all full of doom and gloom. Not only “Can’t Defend” though. There are others, but he is by far the worst.

Simply Red

Whenever I do read some of his incredibly negative posts I often wonder who he is and if I have ever come across him. Back in 1989 when we beat Crystal Palace 9-0 at Anfield there was a fella standing behind us who had long, red curly hair. Hence we nicknamed him “Simply Red”. All through the first half he moaned and groaned even though we were 3-0 up at half-time. After an hour it was 5-0. Was “Simply Red” happy? Of course not. For the next few minutes he launched into giving Ronnie Whelan a mouthful of abuse. Bizarre to say the least.

Do you ever find that sometimes you keep bumping into people in the strangest of situations and places even though you don’t know them? This is the case with “Simply Red”. After that Palace victory we kept bumping into him at a variety of matches.

I even see him nowadays on occasions. I have seen him outside the ground Kop end on many an occasion. Cue, wide berth and keep in walking!! No doubt he hasn’t changed – apart from his now straighter, shorter red hair. What a nightmare.

Get A Grip Folks

Anyway, the point of all the above is to suggest to the “Can’t Defends” and the “Simply Reds” of this world – get a grip!!!

In a nutshell, the object of the exercise in any season is to amass as many points as possible. In that 1989/90 season when we beat Palace 9-0 did we beat everyone 9-0? Of course not. Did we win any games by only a one goal margin? Yes we did. Twelve games actually. Did we grind out these results? Probably. How many points did we get for the 9-0 win? Correct, three. How many points… get the drift.

To repeat the article again – “As Brucie Used To Say…….What Do Points Make? Prizes!!”

So, let’s all try and keep to the “As Brucie Used To Say” mantra and enjoy a three point haul in whatever circumstances we achieved them.

No problem in winning ugly now and then. We do have the ability and the talent in the squad to take things up a gear or two. So, just embrace another three points and remember – as Brucie used to say – “Points Make Prizes!!!”


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