Big Game Tonight-Let's Get Behind The Lads

Big Game Tonight

Yes indeed, a big game tonight. But at this stage of the season all games will be big games won’t they. After a hard fought but unspectacular 0-0 draw at Old Trafford we need to get back to winning ways. As always a win is the most important outcome but, being greedy, it would also be a big bonus if we also put in a good performance.

Big Game Tonight

Big Game Tonight-Let's Get Behind The Lads
Big Game Tonight-Let’s Get Behind The Lads

Watford are tonight’s opponents. There is no doubt that this season’s Watford are a different proposition to the Watford of last season. Last season we beat them comfortably 5-0 back in March.

This season’s Watford are a real handful. So, a big game tonight without a doubt. Watford have a lot of quality in their ranks and have already posted some pretty impressive results this season.

We will ALL need to be at our best tonight. I emphasis ALL so that it is clear that also includes the fans. As already mentioned in previous posts, the fans in the stadium are so important. Even more so probably at this stage of the season.

Big Game Tonight, But Stay Away From The Forums

I do stress the impact the fans in the stadium can have. In the main everyone around us in The Kop are fully behind the team, albeit there are occasions where some fans do have a bit of a moan now and then. Understandably so. It’s only natural and to be expected at times. But I can say there isn’t any one fan constantly moaning throughout. Not like the forums.

Dear oh dear, what are these fans like!!! I sometimes read the match day thread in the club’s official website forum after a game or during an away match and good grief you can’t believe the negative comments posted in there.

Just take a look at only a few of the comments in the match day thread HERE. With the greatest respect to Huddersfield, but you would think the kind of posts in there could be found on the forum of the team bottom of the league and getting beat most weeks.

Not the team at the top of the table who have just taken a point at the home of their biggest rivals and the form team in the league. Seriously, I encourage you to click the link and read some of the nonsense posted. Not only on the page link I have posted, but have a good look at other pages. You will see a pattern of the same posters spouting negative comment after negative comment.

It seems at times that about 90% of the posters in there are so, so negative. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but come on be fair about it all. The majority of these that moan constantly are nowhere to be seen if we score, or have won. They are poisonous.

If They Were In The Ground

If they were in the ground they would be told to shut the f*** up in no uncertain terms. As I say, fans in the ground do have a moan now and then. But not to the extent of these keyboard warriors. Just imagine if 90% of the fans in the stadium were just as negative. We’d never win a game!! Constantly on players and the team as whole backs. Get a grip.

So Onto The Big Game Tonight

If any of the match going fans are reading this, then get behind the lads tonight. Again, as I have said in previous posts, it does make a difference. We can influence the outcome. And we should do as much as we can.

Our opponents will be making it difficult enough as it is, so let’s not make it any harder. Hopefully, we will have somewhere approaching a European night atmosphere.

Let’s all enjoy the game tonight and let’s all remember we are getting closer and closer to the end of the season and there are two big prizes to aim for. These prizes should be in the forefront of the minds of the fans as well as the players. So, let’s go for it folks, one and all.

Let’s hope we are writing about a convincing win in our next post. Big game tonight – Come On You Reds!!! A repeat of last November’s 3-0 win would do very nicely.

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