European Royalty Final

So there we have it then. A final that some would call a European Royalty Final. Two of the most decorated clubs in European football. A truly fascinating prospect as on 28th May we will see Liverpool take on the might of 13 time European champions, Real Madrid.

As we ourselves are 6 time European champions, the description of it being a European Royalty Final may well be an opt one. And let’s not forget that these two European giants already have history when it comes to facing each other in a European Final. Those old enough to remember both, how could we ever forget them?

European Royalty Final

The first one in 1981 was, to a large extent, a tight, quite fraught affair, coincidentally enough, played in Paris. A final won 1-0 by Liverpool, courtesy of an Alan Kennedy winner. The second was more recently in 2018 in fact, where Real Madrid ran out 3-1 winners.

Talking of Paris though, this year’s final is also to be held there of course. However for large parts of the second leg semi-finals, the script looked as if it might have been so much different than an exciting European Royalty Final.

On Tuesday evening for instance, we were 2-0 down at half-time to Villareal. A deficit that saw our home first leg advantage totally wiped out. And, at that point, Villareal were in the ascendency and it was clear that we had quite a bit of work and sorting out to do in the second half if we were to reach our Paris goal.

But one thing we Liverpool fans should never ever lose sight of is our spirit and never say die attitude. To a man our playing squad, management, coaching staff and almost everyone else connected with the club seem to have in spades. Just a pity some of our ‘fans’ on the forums don’t quite see that. Quite ridiculously just have a look at a few of these whoppers:

Or, how about this one when the score was 2-0…..

That’s it, keep the faith hey.

And another one who truly believed in us…….not!!

And so on, to a large extent. Thank goodness there were some sensible people still keeping their heads. Just like this poster…..

European Royalty – Haven’t Some Of Our Fans Learned Anything

So, as we now know, we more than turned tables in the second half. A totally dominant display saw us rattle in three unanswered goals, thereby turning the second leg around to a 3-2 victory, ensuring a 5-2 aggregate progression overall. Job done in the end and if you view the whole two legs over the four halves of football, we totally dominated three of those four. So, it could be argued that we won quite comfortably in the end. A 5-2 aggregate is fairly convincing after all isn’t it. And the way we battered them for three halves would satisfy most, if not all, fans. Not so, as the comments have shown.

Even some of the ‘neutral’ TV pundits were aghast as to how we could lose a two goal advantage in just 45 minutes. “How could that happen” was the burning question. A heavy suggestion was that really good teams don’t do that. I mean, imagine losing a two goal lead in 45 minutes. A top, top team surely wouldn’t do that. Or would they? Step forward and say “hello” Manchester City.

Onto The Second Semi Final

Which brings us on to the other semi-final on Wednesday night. Right up until the 90th minute of the Real Madrid v Manchester City second leg tie in Madrid, the superlatives raining down on the massively expensive manufactured club were going into overdrive. I find it quite fascinating at times that sports journos always seem to make their narratives fit the score. What was being said at 90 minutes certainly wasn’t said at the 120 minute mark.

City didn’t just lose a two goal lead in 45 minutes. No siree, they lost it in 6 minutes. And the last 6 minutes of the game at that. Understandably, rival fans who are not lovers of carefully financially manufactured, plastic clubs were well happy. Forget the idea of an all English final, let’s have a real, proper, European Royalty Final instead. And so it is. Roll on 28th May.

Scramble For Tickets

And with that date looming, the scramble for tickets begins. And yet again the footballing hierarchy show their disdain for the real fans of course, by only giving the clubs just over 19,000 tickets each in a 75,000 capacity stadium. Is that right that we’ve been allocated more tickets than Real Madrid? If that’s correct or not, the most likely outcome is that there will only be in the region of 38,000 tickets allocated to those that really matter. The proper fans. That’s just over a half of the capacity.

I know this happens every season and it’s not just a problem for Liverpool, but what I don’t get is how or why the authorities don’t, or won’t even try and justify the ticket allocation. Exactly why should an employee of one of the large European sponsors get ticket priority over fans that travel to see their team game after game. I could go on and on about the unfairness of it all, but what’s the point. When you see the ludicrous decision our own FA came up with in holding our FA Cup Semi Final against Manchester City at Wembley, then you know the authorities have no consideration or respect for proper fans.

Rant over……for now!!!

Anyway, let’s look ahead to purely footballing issues. Liverpool v Real Madrid, 28th May, a European Royalty Final. Bring it on. And, of course, let’s hope we will be celebrating a fantastic number 7. That would be something wouldn’t it. But, we know so well, Madrid will be tough opponents. They always have and always will be. All we know is that our lads will give their all and fight until the end. Do you get that, Messrs Superno7, DannyMc9 and Technician19. Keep the faith.

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