Everything Still To Play For-View From The Kop

Everything Still To Play For

Well here we are, nearly at the end of February and we still have everything to play for. That hasn’t happened for a while has it. Of course, that might all change as early as next Sunday when we play Chelsea in the League Cup Final, but at least we can still say now that we are fighting on all fronts.

And of course, one of the four trophies is the League title. How many were saying as recently as last week that the title was all over and that City had it wrapped up? And not only non Liverpool fans. Many of our own, who continually fail to show faith, were moaning and groaning in the forums. I had a look at the match day thread on the official club website last night and even as recently as yesterday, one of our “fans” was declaring that all was over and Liverpool fans who thought we could catch City “were delusional.” Nice hey.

Have a look at that exact post here.

The time on the forum by the way is an hour ahead, so for 17:06, read 16:06. So, at just past five past four this forum poster was calling many Liverpool fans delusional. Mind you, it was no surprise. A quick review of this poster’s contributions is invariably full of doom and gloom. Often announcing a few minutes into a game, “right I’ve seen enough, take [insert name of latest player to be made scapegoat] off now.”

Negative Posters

Of course the justification for regular, negative posts is that it is a forum and a match thread and emotions are running high, entitlement to an opinion etc. Which of course is true. But certain posters (not just this one) only ever seem to have negative “opinions.”

You can scroll down a match day thread, read the posts without having sight of the poster’s name and, depending on the post, you can hazard a quick guess that the poster is anyone of the regular negative posters (male and female). And sure enough, when you check the name of the poster in the top left, it turns out to be the case.

And if and when we win? You’ve guessed it, in most cases, if not all, they’re nowhere to be seen in the forum offering a congratulatory or positive “opinion.”

All clubs have such fans, don’t get me wrong. But some of our posters comment as though we are rock bottom and doomed without any hope.

You would think that since we have been in the Klopp era fans would know better. Of course, we can’t win every game (negative posters are like pigs in muck when that happens), but haven’t we learned that this team never gives up? It’s a huge part of our current DNA. As the famous t-shirt proclaimed – “Never Give Up.” And just listen to the words of our anthem, You’ll Never Walk Alone. Certainly the players and the staff don’t, so why should any of that fans?

Anyway, enough of the doomsayers. Where were we? Yes, everything still to play for.

Everything Still To Play For

Everything Still To Play For-View From The Kop
Everything Still To Play For-View From The Kop

You can go through each and every game and pick some uncomfortable moments at times shall we say. Some games there are some more hairy moments than others. But that’s the nature of the game. That’s the nature of football. After all we are playing against other determined teams. Anyone who thinks every team we play against are going to roll over and let us tickle their belly are the delusional ones. We have to fight for every ball; for every corner; for every throw in; for every goal kick; for every goal; for every point or progression to a next round.

What we are seeing at the moment in my humble opinion is an efficient, talented, determined squad of players who are well tuned, well coached, well motivated and, to coin a phrase, “in the zone.” How often do football fans hear the phrase, “a good team finds a way to win.” As a couple of examples, haven’t we just done that in the last two games? Inter Milan and Norwich. Inter Milan in particular was a game where we had quite a few ‘hairy’ moments. Understandably so.

After all, aren’t they the current Italian champions and aren’t Italy the current European champions? In other words they’re no mugs. A quality side with an abundance of talented players. So, of course, they will enjoy some quality moments of their own. As will we as we are also a talented team. But, in true, determined fashion, we so very often find a way to win. That is a sign of a quality side. Both talent wise, physical strength wise and mental strength wise. Mentality Monsters anyone?

Everything Still To Play For – Enjoy The Ride

While we do have everything still to play for, shouldn’t we be counting ourselves lucky and just enjoy the ride? Let’s be thankful we are in such a position and enjoy the ride. Yes fans are entitled to have a moan and groan. Again, it is in a fan’s DNA, but one overriding thing to remember is who can we rely on and trust? To my mind that is Jurgen Klopp, his back room staff and the players.

One of the big talking points before a game has started is the team selection. Yesterday there were some moans and groans because we made seven changes. And no doubt, as the game went on, those that raised an eyebrow to so many changes were in ‘moan and groan’ meltdown.

But to my mind, the team selected yesterday was the correct selection. And why was that? Because Jurgen Klopp thought it was the correct side. Enough said methinks. Yes, he will make mistakes sometimes along the way, but he’s human. But in the main, has he ever let us down?

As I say, just trust him, trust the coaching staff, trust the medical staff and trust the players. Everything still to play for indeed, so let’s enjoy the ride while we’re still on it.

Will we catch Man City? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, this squad of players and management team, coaching staff and all back room personnel are going to give it one hell of a go.

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