Famous Anfield European Nights

Famous Anfield European Nights

It has been mentioned so many times before. Those famous Anfield European nights are something special indeed. Last night’s 3-0 victory against Premier League Champions-elect was no exception. Like so many famous Anfield European nights the air of expectancy was evident throughout the day. Outside the ground the fans were buzzing. A quick note about those “fans” who attacked the Manchester City team a bit later on.

I took my seat in The Kop a lot earlier than normal. To say “took my seat” suggests there was some sitting down going on. Not at all. The Kop and the rest of the ground was bouncing well before kick off. This also been said many times, if only we could replicate this atmosphere for all games. Here’s a thought, for those quieter, low atmosphere games. Why don’t the club pipe songs into the ground like Manchester United are talking of doing? Only joking, we’re not as plastic as that.

Famous Anfield European Nights

famous Anfield European Nights
Famous Anfield European Nights

As already stated, last night will go down as one of those famous Anfield European nights. But where will it rank amongst the others. Such games like St. Etienne, Bruges, Auxerre, Chelsea (twice), Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona to name just a few. My thoughts? As good as last night was it was, after all, only the first leg. On the way home we tuned in to Talksport and a Manchester City fan called in reminding everyone that it was only half-time. Very true. If any team are capable of turning over a 3-0 deficit it is Manchester City. You do not run away with the Premier League by the sort of margin they have by not being a top quality side.

In all those other famous Anfield European nights, we actually progressed to the next round as a result of the score on the night. This tie is not over. We all expected Manchester City to score at Anfield last night and that we would score at the Emptyhad. As they failed to score, what’s to say it’s nailed on that we will? So, still everything to play for. This is not to paint a pessimistic picture. More like a reality check.

On the plus side of course, we are more than capable of actually scoring a goal or two ourselves. Especially if our special front three are playing.

Last Night’s Encounter

Huge credit again to Jurgen Klopp and the players. They really did a number on Manchester City, as we did in the League game in January. To a man the players were brilliant. It was clear that City were going to, and did, target Trent Alexander-Arnold. Manchester United did it to great effect recently. And to a lesser extent, so did Crystal Palace last weekend. TAA was also up against a really gifted and in-form player in Leroy Sane. But, TAA stood up to the challenge brilliantly and was a candidate for the Man Of The Match award.

To be fair it would be difficult to name a Man Of The Match. Probably the only exclusion in the voting would be goalkeeper Karius. No disrespect of course to him, but he literally did not have anything to do.

The midfield three of Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Milner worked great as a unit and were so effective. Not only in snuffing out Manchester City’s danger but also providing a supply line to our front three. Each one of them have had their critics this season. Quite harshly so I must add. Quite how so many fans wrote off The Ox before he hardly kicked a ball for us is beyond me. He showed again what an asset he is going to be for us over many years. An Ox by name, an Ox by nature. He is so strong and direct. His spectacular strike for the second goal accurately demonstrated his strengths for all to see.

Sadio and Bobby worked so hard. Great to see Sadio score a great header at The Kop end. And of course, the mercurial Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah chipped in with his customary goal. Although it’s been said so many times before, I’ll say it again. What a signing!!! All fingers crossed that he is fit and raring to go for the second leg. How different could the second half have been if he stayed on?

The Fields Of Anfield Road paying homage to Mo Salah The Egyptian King last night….see HERE.

Famous Anfield European Nights – The Atmosphere

Kevin De Bruyne said a few days ago that he didn’t think the crowd would play a part. Maybe they didn’t really. But I remember turning to my mate and saying that they didn’t fancy us attacking The Kop in the second half when they chose to change ends after winning the toss. So we attacked The Kop in the first half. Were they really concerned by the crowd then? Only they can answer that. The atmosphere was immense however. Here is videos I took shortly after the game from my seat on The Kop. Truly, the Fields Of Anfield Road were rocking…

Who knows, we may be on the receiving end of such an atmosphere next Tuesday? If nothing else, next Tuesday will probably be different in that the Emptyhad should be full for a change.

Coach Attack

I’m not exactly sure why the route was changed. On the way to the game I was hoping to go to the King Harry and see our coach’s approach to the stadium. I wasn’t interested in the City coach at all, but it is a great way to greet our players. A bloke I was talking to told me that they weren’t going passed the King Harry. So that put paid to that idea. Only when I got to my seat that the coaches were greeted and that the Manchester City coach had been attacked.

To all those involved. Hang your heads in shame. Of course I know they won’t, but what on earth were they thinking of. Clutching at straws maybe, but possibly those involved weren’t match going fans with tickets, but just scallies looking to cause trouble come what may.

In today’s modern technology world I would imagine it would not be too difficult to track down the perpetrators. They should be found and brought to task. I read some comments on some of the forums attempting to mitigate the situation, in that no-one was hurt etc. What!!! There are no justifications whatsoever for what happened. Absolutely disgusting behaviour and it gives a reason for the media and all other fans to be all over us for the wrong reasons.

I would imagine many of our true fans were filming the events on their phones. If they did, they should make the police aware.

On To Next Week

As already said the tie isn’t over. But we are in a very strong position. There is no doubt about that. Let’s just hope that next Tuesday we do progress and last night will quite rightly be immortalised as one of those truly iconic Famous Anfield European Nights.

Let’s all hope that next week will be remembered for the right reasons. Come On You Reds!!! Let’s do this!!!

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