Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image

Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention

Over the years I think it’s fair to say that Jordan Henderson has divided opinion amongst the Liverpool fan base. To say the least. In fact if you listen to some of the ‘experts’ on the club’s website message board you’d think he couldn’t trap a bag of cement.

I must admit I do laugh at some of these ‘experts’. Not only when it comes to discussing Jordan Henderson, but generally speaking. It’s a great time to be a Liverpool supporter at the moment. I’m sure we would all agree on that. And yet, if you read some of the posters on the forum, you would think we were nailed on for relegation. I do despair at some of these ultra negative posters.

Anyway, Jordan Henderson. And what does he bring to the team?

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image
Jordan Henderson-A Special Mention-Image

According to posters like “Angriest Red” on the forum, not a lot. Or nothing at all. Depending on the score in a live match thread. Some fans have a bee in their bonnet for certain players. It used to be Ronnie Whelan years ago. More recently, Lucas Leiva. Or up until the end of last season, Alberto Moreno. There have been others along the way.

Nowadays it’s Hendo and Dejan Lovren. I’ll admit in the past I’ve not been a huge Lovren fan but fair do’s he has improved. No one can deny that.

As I say though, to some posters on the forums, Hendo is at fault for all things when a game is still 0-0, or we’re losing. Lack of creativity? Henderson’s fault. Not enough protection for the back four? Henderson again. And so on.

As a match goer though I think it’s worth a mention that the fans in the stadium don’t have the same view as ‘experts’ like Angriest Red.

The Kop regularly sing his songs….for instance…..


Jordan Henderson-What Do The Fans Know?

I’ve always been a Jordan Henderson fan. Yes, it took him a while to settle after what was a big money move for £16m from his hometown club, Sunderland, in 2011. But so many players take time to settle. Hendo is not unique in that sense. Initially he was played out wide on the right and, at first, he didn’t tear up any trees. In the eyes of the fans that is.

I must stress that last sentence. Yes, all fans have their own opinion. I have mine. Angriest Red has his. But you can probably guess what I’m building up to. The opinions that matter, the managers and the coaching staff, have all rated Jordan Henderson. Of that there is no doubt. Over 300 appearances since he signed suggests he’s a lot better than his doubters think.

Regularly selected by Kenny Dalglish, Brendan Rodgers and even more importantly by Jurgen Klopp speaks volumes. Why do fans like me need to endorse his qualities when Jurgen Klopp selecting him in his midfield says much more.

Big Shoes To Fill

And let’s not forget he is also our captain. Would he still be our captain and regularly picked for the starting XI if Klopp didn’t rate him? Of course he wouldn’t, so doubters need to take that on board.

And what big shoes he’s had to fill. Following in Steven Gerrard’s footsteps would have been a daunting task for virtually any player. Some wouldn’t have taken on the challenge. Some may have buckled under the pressure. Particularly if things weren’t going well for the team, or if their own form had dipped a bit. If you are a fan or not, has Jordan Henderson ever ducked a challenge put his way? Most definitely not.

Has he complained when asked to play in a holding number 6 role? Or, being asked to play a bit further forward, or wide on the right of midfield, or as a right back, or even has a temporary centre back? Again the answer to that is an emphatic “No”.

Being picked to appear in five major finals for Liverpool and hundreds of league and Cup games tells us all that he is a valued player.

Maybe not international class though? Oh wait a minute, England managers regularly pick him as well.

Yes, it’s clear enough to anyone. Jordan Henderson is a quality player. And a player we should be so proud to have as not only a player, but also our captain. Versatile, committed, loyal, responsive, dedicated, professional, talented and someone who comes across as a genuinely nice guy as well.

So To Conclude What Does He Bring To Our Team?

With or without the hindrance (allegedly!!!) of a certain running style as pointed out by a certain ex-Premier League manager, Jordan Henderson has already achieved so much for Liverpool. Long may it continue as a player and as a captain. Long may we see his unique, special, trophy lifting dance for years to come.

Without doubt, Jordan Henderson brings so much to Liverpool’s team and the club as a whole off the pitch. A fine ambassador that the club should be so proud of.

As one of his songs goes, “So here’s to you Jordan Henderson, Jurgen loves you more than you will know” – to the tune of “Here’s to you Mrs Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel. It’s not only Jurgen who loves you Hendo. The fans do as well.

It was great to see him finally get what appeared to be universal credit after our success on Saturday night on the forums. Nice one Hendo and thanks for lifting our trophies high.

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