Lets Talk About Six Baby-Did Someone Drop This

Let’s Talk About Six Baby

Yes indeed, let’s talk about SIX baby. And why not. Saturday 1st June will be another day to go down in Liverpool folklore. In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, it was the day we won our sixth European Cup/Champions League.

Let’s just take that in for a moment. The sixth. A truly incredible achievement. And didn’t the fans, players, owners, coaching staff and of course our brilliant, charismatic manager, Jurgen Klopp enjoy immensely.

If you haven’t seen this you really must watch this short video below. Jurgen cheekily suggesting that we should forget his past disappointments and “let’s talk about six baby”

Here’s that short video……

Let’s Talk About Six Baby

And why shouldn’t we!!! It is a fantastic achievement. One thing I find amazing, and particularly amusing, are other fans moaning about how much we are going to go on about this.

Duh…….hello, of course we are. You would be doing exactly the same. The old adage of “don’t give it if you can’t take it” is most relevant here in many instances.

I must admit I’m more of a “celebrate with my fellow fans” type of person. I’m not normally a gloater and don’t bother getting into the faces of fans of other clubs. If other fans do, I may “have my moment” so to speak. But I don’t actively seek out other fans.

However, I also recognise, these fans do exist. On both sides of the coin though of course. Each to their own.

Was He A Citeh Fan?

Classic case in point. After the Wolves game we called into one of our locals on the way home to be greeted by an exuberant Everton fan….or was he really a Manchester City fan? As we walked in, Jurgen Klopp came on SSN and immediately the “fan” announced, “here he is Jurgen Flopp”

Did he direct it at us? Possibly. In fact, probably. He then proceeded to spout all things anti-Liverpool.

About an hour later, he left arms aloft chanting, “Champione, Champione” (hence the question whether or not he was really a Citeh fan. In truth I know he isn’t, but the level of his excitement went beyond a passive interest in them winning the league).

You Support How Many Teams?

We found all this very, very amusing. You must be able to have a great season when your season consists of supporting 20+teams at different stages of the season. In other words, support any team that Liverpool play instead of your own adopted team.

As I said above, this is all highly amusing. Not only to me but to so many other Liverpool fans. How much more must it hurt when they go through all that “other team euphoria” in an attempt to get under our skins and they don’t even scratch the surface. A double whammy at the very least.

A few days later, on a non-football day there was a rather boisterous fella in the pub, who happened to be a Liverpool fan and who had downed a few bevvies by the sounds of it and was being generally loud. Not football related at all. Just loud about anything and everything. Football not even one of the topics he was being loud about.

To be fair (I don’t know him), but he was very loud and a real pain.

But the Everton/Citeh/Tottenham/Palace……..etc…..etc….et al fan announced, “that’s why everyone wants Tottenham to beat them”.

What the……..!!! No football mentioned and his paranoia was well into overdrive. Great isn’t it!! Deep down, so much admiration for us and jealousy.

Needless to say, this “Multi-Club Fan” hasn’t been seen since. Also, he is the type who will now be moaning about us “going on” as he would put it.

Maybe we should be overly tolerant towards fans who rip into us when we fail to win and just meekly sit in the corner when we do win. After all, going by their actions, that is what they want. Hilarious!!!

As I touched on above…….”don’t give it if you can’t take it”!!!

Social Media – Great Isn’t It?

Fans of other clubs are having their tuppence worth as well in some quarters. How many have gone “Full Everton” yet though? Not sure. Whoever they are don’t get wound up by them. It’s all rather amusing as I say and a huge compliment.

Social Media is great isn’t it!! Or not as the case may be.

The Parade – Let’s Talk About Six Baby

The parade took place on Sunday and to say it was bonkers is an understatement. Here’s a photo I took at about 4.30pm, some three hours before the bus was expected to be going past The Strand…..

Lets Talk About Six Baby-Did Someone Drop This
Lets Talk About Six Baby-Did Someone Drop This

The atmosphere in town was electric throughout. There are so many images and videos knocking about that you have all no doubt seen by now. The celebrations were, understandably, off the scale. Again, as I touched on, why wouldn’t they be?

Putting aside the fans own passion anyway, how could any set of fans not just feed off the incredible passion and enthusiasm exuded by our manager? Put the two together and what do you get? Carnival time, that’s what.

A special mention must also be given to the owners. I will be writing a separate article on our owners soon. But for now, let’s all acknowledge the hugely significant role they have played. They have contributed so much and should be widely applauded and thanked by all Reds fans. But, even if their only contribution (which it isn’t of course), was to appoint Jurgen Klopp as manager, then WOW!!!…..what a contribution!!!

Unashamedly and without any need to scale things down we are perfectly entitled to shout from the roof tops, “let’s talk about six baby”. Or should that be window ledges and traffic lights……

Lets Talk About Six Baby-Great Vantage Point
Lets Talk About Six Baby-Great Vantage Point

Great Vantage Point -But!!!

I saw those fans climbing up to those positions and, possibly even more precariously, climbing down from there. Just up James Street, fans were sat on top of bus shelters and even on the canopy over the entrance of James Street station.

The fans on top of the traffic lights and road signs must have been so sore afterwards. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of comfort on those vantage points. But did the fans care? Not one bit.

Let’s Talk About Six Baby – New Kop Song

I was talking to a couple of fans on the way in and mentioned how long would it be before we adopt a new “let’s talk about six baby” song.

I’ve already had someone message me with some words of a little ditty. Not sure if this will take off though. No doubt there will be a few variations put together in readiness for next season.

Here are the lyrics I’ve seen already:

“Let’s Talk About Six Baby; Let’s Talk About Rafa, Shankly, Fagan, Klopp and Bob Paisley; Let’s Talk About Six Baby”

You will see that Shanks appears in there even though he didn’t win it. But so what. Where would we be without Shanks. Of course he deserves to be mentioned.

Winning it for a sixth time of course cements our place in the footballing world as “European Royalty”

Let’s Talk About Six Baby – European Royalty

Plenty of articles to read about our “European Royalty” status. And, there are plenty of souvenirs, memorabilia and mementoes you could acquire to savour and remember the occasion.

For some great stuff to have a look at, take a look HERE.

Enjoy the occasion folks. It doesn’t happen that often. If you hear of other fans moaning about celebrations, take it as a compliment. We matter that much to them. And let them have their moment if or when it happens to them.

So, until next season “let’s talk about six baby”

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