Mentality Monsters

Mentality Monsters

I know it’s been said so many times in recent years but Wednesday’s result and comeback against only went to demonstrate it that bit more forcibly. Mentality Monsters. Of that there is no doubt. Just look at our starting eleven and our bench. So many youngsters. But, credit where credit is due, Jurgen Klopp trusts his youngsters implicitly doesn’t he. It seems the enthusiasm, the will to win is running strong throughout the whole club. A fully deserved place was the prize at the end of the night’s events.

In a way, we shouldn’t be surprised should we. We have staged these comebacks so many times. Even more special under the Anfield lights. And, as so many times over the years, the crowd played a massive part. An aspect even recognised by Leicester manager, Brendan Rodgers. Welcome back by the way Brendan.

Mentality Monsters

Mentality Monsters
Mentality Monsters

I was watching a re-run of the Borussia Dortmund Europa League second leg at Anfield the other day. Again, we were dead and buried in that game. Or so everyone thought. Not so for this club so ably run and engineered by our German maestro, coaching staff, physios and medical team and everyone else connected with the club really.

Thanks for another great night team and by “team” I mean all those mentioned above as well as those incredible players on the pitch. Some great performances from the young ‘uns as well wasn’t there. It gives you a warm glow doesn’t it to see so many quality youngsters knocking on the first team door. But that’s what Jurgen Klopp is all about isn’t he. He gives the youngsters a chance. And you can tell players of all ages just love playing for him. Great stuff, long may it continue.

A great night without a doubt. Thanks yet again Mentality Monsters. A great early Christmas present.

A shorter than normal blog post as it’s Christmas and all that. Have a great Christmas one and all. And a very Merry Christmas to everyone connected with our great club.

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