Merry Christmas To One And All

Merry Christmas To One And All

A very Merry Christmas to one and all. A strange Christmas to so many I’m sure you will agree. But in certain respects, not so strange. In what way you may be thinking? Well, for one, Liverpool are top of the Premier League. Third year running. So, in that respect some things haven’t changed. And long may we stay there.

Merry Christmas To One And All

Merry Christmas To One And All
Merry Christmas To One And All

What else hasn’t changed? Well, it will come to no surprise to fans everywhere and not just we Liverpool fans, but a certain, bitter and twisted football manager is still so predictably as prickly as ever. I am of course referring to Jose Mourinho. To be honest, I’m not even going to go into his rants before and after our recent game against Spurs. His comments comparing our injury list to Spurs was amusing. And, of course, his assertion that his Spurs side were the better side was, again, amusing to say the least.

To be fair I don’t get hot under the collar about his rants anymore. They are only of any substance for comedy value now. He is like a spoilt little child really. Listening to his rants is like listening to a spoilt child who has just had his ball taken off him. Comedy gold and that is it.

Moving on from the spoilt child, some recent good news on the injury front. Finally it would seem, Thiago Alcantara is nearing full fitness. Imagine what that will do to the team and the squad as a whole. Like so many I can’t wait to see him fully fit and firing on all cylinders.

As well as Thiago, The Ox has come back into the fold and James Milner and Xherdan Shaqiri are back in full training. All these players have been sorely missed. Their returns will be so welcome. Let’s see how we kick on with a bigger squad to choose from. Many of which will be chomping at the bit to make an impact.

Congratulations On A Successful SPOTY Awards Night

A quick mention to the club, Jurgen Klopp and Jordan Henderson on their recent “Sports Personality Of The Year” awards. We won the “Team of the Year” and Jurgen the “Coach of the Year” with Hendo coming runner up in the Sports Personality Of The Year award. Lewis Hamilton won. I would imagine that the non LFC fans forums were in meltdown that night with the urges to vote for Hamilton. Never mind. Hendo did us proud. As he always does. We love him and that’s all that matters really. Well done Hendo on getting the runners-up slot.

Merry Christmas To One And All – Onwards And Upwards

A short post today. The main message of course is “Merry Christmas To One And All.” I really hope you have a good ‘un. Looking ahead, let’s hope we can maintain our level of consistency. That’s all we can ask. If we can achieve that it should take us a fair way towards having a chance of winning any trophies. As I say, onwards and upwards. Merry Christmas to one and all. Stay safe.

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