Whatever Happens This Season-View From The Kop

Whatever Happens This Season

Whatever happens this season we should all take a moment to thank Jurgen, his staff, the owners and his incredible players for what the excitement they have given us and for the efforts they have put in. Week after week it seems we confound the fans, pundits and critics. The word relentless springs to mind. It didn’t seem that long ago when fans and pundits alike were writing us off in the build up to Afcon. The loss of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Naby Keita would derail our season everyone seemed to cry. As we now know, it didn’t. Quite the opposite actually. Don’t get me wrong, of course we missed these quality players, but such is the set up, such is the belief and such is the passion and organisation at Liverpool now, their absences weren’t as devastating as everyone seemed to suggest.

We Liverpool fans are so very fortunate at this moment in time to be able to witness this incredible team. This incredible club. And I say that whatever happens this season. Yes, we may still find that we get pipped to the last three trophies on offer, but to be this close with so few games left speaks volumes.

Whatever Happens This Season

Whatever Happens This Season-View From The Kop
Whatever Happens This Season-View From The Kop

Let’s cast our minds back though to when all this rollercoaster began. It was of course when we appointed Jurgen Klopp back in October 2015. What a day and what a masterstroke. The very same week we appointed Klopp I was out for a pint with a very good friend of mine who works in football. He is an ex-professional player and has worked with many, many clubs over the years. And some top clubs as well at that.

When asked the question as to what he felt Klopp would bring to Liverpool, his answer was quite simple really but so deadly accurate. Basically he said that he would get us playing exciting football, he would often sign players that either we hadn’t heard much of, if at all, or wouldn’t be household names, he will improve the whole running of the club and finally and quite significantly, he finished with announcing that he would win us the Premier League.

How accurate has all that been? Just look at the players we have signed over the last six and a half years. Come on, as an example, be honest, who was massively excited when we signed Andy Robertson from recently relegated Hull for £8m? Not many, if any fans. For instance, just take a look at some of these quotes from the club’s official website forum when it was announced we were signing him:

And how about this one:

The forum “experts” continued with:
And the above are just a selection of the posts. Talk about being underwhelmed. Really speaking he didn’t even cost us £8m as a few days later we sold Kevin Stewart to Hull for about the same fee – £8m. So, effectively, a free transfer.

Whatever Happens This Season – Trust Jurgen

And what a signing he has turned out to be. It also typifies the type of signings my friend mentioned. Under the radar, little known and relatively inexpensive. I seem to recall that there was also quite a bit of moaning and muttering when we signed Sadio Mane. And others no doubt.

Rather than pick holes in all the needless, negative fans comments, let’s focus on what we should always focus on. And that is we should always trust Jurgen Klopp. And his recruitment team as well of course. How good has Michael Edwards been and what a big miss he will be when he goes.

Whatever Happens This Season – A Big Thanks

Yes indeed a big thanks for whatever happens this season. We already have one trophy in the bag and many clubs would be fine with that. But, Klopp has created something really special at Liverpool. It is a testament to the high levels now set that still being involved in the other competitions at this stage of the season is, in itself, a great achievement. Whether we win anything else remains to be seen. But, at least, we haven’t let Manchester City just run away with everything this season. That in itself when you see the obscene huge amounts they spend, is also a brilliant achievement.

Their manager, Pep Guardiola, has gone on record as saying that Liverpool have been his most difficult opponent – or words to that effect – at any of the clubs he’s managed. That is a huge compliment. We just simply refuse to go away. After the bonkers money they have spent I’m sure they never expected things to be this tough. In preparing for next season and the next battles what will they do? Will they trust their up and coming youngsters or bargain buys and coach them to greatness, or will they go out and spend £60m+ and offer wages of £500k+ a week to entice another huge money buy to their megabucks squad? What do you think? Welcome to the Prem Mr. Haaland?

The Remaining Games This Season

Coming into April we were being warned of the difficult fixtures ahead of us. But, so far, so good. Beating Manchester City in the FA Cup Semi Final in the manner that we did was special. As, of course, was last night’s demolition of Manchester United. Weird maybe and something I never thought I’d say, but beating them by ‘only’ 4-0 felt like we were letting them off the hook. And that’s on top of ‘letting them off the hook’ when we only beat them 5-0 at Old Trafford.

It doesn’t seem to be that long ago that we would have settled for beating them once or twice in the season while they matched on to collect the silverware. We would have a trophyless season but at least we beat them at Anfield, or beat them home and away was often our only crumb of comfort. Not any more though. Even with beating them 5-0 and 4-0 we have bigger and more important prizes to focus on. Oh, how times have changed. Mind you, it has still been great to absolutely batter them twice this season hasn’t it.

Remembering Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sad Loss

A feature of last night’s game was the announcement before the game of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sad news and the sad loss of his son. All our thoughts are with him and his partner and family at this sad time. As others have said, there are times when we are reminded that there are other things in life so much more important than football.

The tribute on the 7th minute (in recognition of Ronaldo’s shirt number) was touching and heartfelt.

It’s just a shame that all fans don’t see beyond the football rivalry and choose not to respect these bigger issues. Like the Manchester City fans at Wembley chanting during the minute’s silence for the 97. Absolutely appalling. These aren’t just bad football fans, they are also bad people probably.

Someone did point out how strange it was that City’s fans did chant during the tribute. They said, how can a set of fans be so quiet during the whole 90 minutes while the game is going on and not manage to keep quiet for a minute’s silence?

And, yet again last night, we hear the Manchester United fans and their chants about murderers and The Sun. As bad as that is for any set of fans to come up with such shocking chants, the very last set of fans you would expect to come out with such horrible chants would be them. Have they forgotten about Norman and Irene Roxby (Middleborough fans, 1980), Paul Nixon (Crystal Palace fan, 1995) and the four Barcelona fans mown down and killed by an angry Manchester United fan after losing the Champions League final in 2009? Not sure who these people are? Just Google them to find out.

I just don’t get the whole hate thing. I know it exists, but in some cases, “those in glass houses” etc.

Anyway, I digress. Back on topic.

Whatever Happens This Season – Still Plenty To Play For

Only a few games to go, but they are all effectively cup finals. Starting with Everton up next. Another tough game. Let’s see what the next few weeks brings us but, as I’ve said, whatever happens this season, let’s all say a big thanks to the players, management, staff and owners for giving us some really great memorable moments. Let’s hope there’s a few more to follow.

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